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The popularity of lab-grown diamonds in the US

The research tells us that the young crowd is falling out of love with the mined diamonds because of their high maintenance, high environmental, and humanitarian costs. But the question arises, what will replace them? Well, many of us are aware of the term lab-created diamonds. They are known to be a better as well as a healthy alternative that saves mother earth as it is eco-friendly. Every country is aware of this new term. 

Let’s talk about the United States. We all know who Meghan Markle is, don’t we? She got all dressed up for a meeting with pressed clean clothes and looked on point but what attracted people were her earrings that were prepared in a laboratory in 5 days! The point being, celebrities are playing a major role in the US promoting these beautiful lab-created diamonds. They are made by heating them to a certain temperature by using a high-pressure high-temperature method and no carbon is used which makes them the purest. They have their own spark and class. 

A diamond that is created in a lab typically takes less than 5 days to get ready to sell. White diamonds take 5 days or a week, and colored diamonds take 3-4 weeks. New world Diamonds is a site where you will find all types of diamonds that vary in shapes, sizes, and colors. They also have an option of customizing a diamond according to your need that will enhance your personality. It’s the perfect gift for new years that one will cherish for the rest of their lives. People in the US are seen to prefer lab-created diamonds as they have understood the importance of them. If you are investing in something that is valuable and close to your heart, better invest in something that is pure and in its authentic self. 

In conclusion, we can firmly state that a lab-grown diamond is anytime better than a mined diamond. A mined diamond that is obtained from the crust of the earth undergoes a lot of procedures that take all the authenticity out of the diamond. We obviously don’t want that. What we want is to make people’s heads turn and make them ask you about that perfect diamond that you are wearing just like Meghan Markle. For that, New World Diamonds is just the place for you!

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