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Stylish Pink Heart Diamonds Collection for Valentine's Day

Stylish Pink Heart Diamonds Collection for Valentine's Day - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Valentine's day is here, and it is time you surprise your partner with a unique gift that they will cherish for life! 

Chocolates and cards sound good, but it would be better if you gave them something that will stay with them forever, something that they can hold on to in tough times, as a reminder that you are always going to be by their side; in spirit!

Besides, we just entered the New Year, so why not try something different? Or could you be experiencing some emotional crisis regarding what they will like to have?

Well, what could be better than pink heart diamond jewelry, the one thing that epitomizes the spirit of Valentine's Day and all that it means to the love birds throughout the world?! 

Here are some Valentine Gift ideas to help you avoid the mediocrity that is a complete no-no for any relationship!

Valentine Gift Ideas For her in 2022.

It may be hard to understand a lady's heart, but it is the mystery that keeps things so interesting between you!

To make your love shine bright on Valentine's Day, check out these pink heart diamond jewellery-related Valentine Gift Ideas to impress your girl. Or plan a design that incorporates the unique gem.

  1. Seal the deal with the pink heart diamond solitaire ring: If you are ready for the next step and wish for a memorable proposal, then you can't go wrong with a pink heart solitaire. Your lady will not be disappointed!
  1. Pink heart diamond Earrings: Maybe your partner has grown weary of her usual pair of earrings! Show her how much you care by solving her problem with a couple of pink diamond earrings!
  1. Your love around her neck: A pink heart diamond is an excellent investment if you want to show that you don't regret losing your heart to her. 

2022 Valentine Gift Ideas For Him

Everyone knows that most men aren't big on jewelry unless it is anything less fancy, like a plastic ring, ear studs, or piercings!

And usually, while the guys are taking the initiative of boldly proving their love, it is time you changed that- by putting your 'heart' into something he might love.

  1. Heart of the stud: No man can refuse a stud despite not wanting any jewelry. But if you wish to add pink hearts and not cause your man any embarrassment, you can have it customized just enough to look like a typical square halo diamond stud from a distance, when in fact, there is an intense pink heart diamond right in the middle. That way, he can have your 'heart,' and no one will know.
  1. Let your heart sit flush: The flush design is the less fancy look for a ring, as the diamond is stuck into a hole drilled by the artisans. The enclosed space affects light's refraction, which is perfect if you want to keep it simple for him. Even when everyone notices the band, only you will see the 'heart' inside.
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