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Simple Guide to Care for Your Diamond Necklace

Once you get yourself a diamond necklace, you feel fierce and confident. We want this feeling to never fade away. Well, if you are wishing for that too, make sure to take good care of the necklace. Diamonds are the hardest substance, but don’t get fooled. They can get easily damaged if you are wearing them the wrong way and not taking proper care. A little scratch on the diamond piece will break your heart. After all, you have put in your hard-earned money and efforts into it. We don’t want it to go in vain just like that. Also, we know that you can go a little overboard for taking care of your diamond necklace for sure.

We have presented a simple guide, just for you to take care of that precious piece all the way. Make people think like you’ve got it so recently! Let the shine and sparkle of the diamond necklace speak for you. If you have a lab-grown diamond necklace, keep on reading as you will get to know a lot of do’s and don’ts further.

  1. Keep the necklace in good condition at all times

It is important that you don’t touch it always. Your hands may have some dust particles on them, oil, or anything for that matter which might stick on the diamond necklace. We don’t want that, do we?

  1. Remove the necklace while working

We, humans, tend to sweat a lot. Even if it isn’t visible, we do tend to sweat around our neck. When the sweat comes in contact with the necklace, it may hinder its color.

  1. Take it off whilst swimming

Chlorine isn’t good for diamonds, it can take away the sparkle. Also, if you have a lab-grown diamond bracelet or lab-grown diamond earrings, it will be a smart decision to take them off while swimming.

  1. Take it to a professional at least once a year

Not only your diamond necklace but any diamond jewelry needs to be checked by a professional. They will look at the texture of the diamonds, the color, the settings, and examine it their way. This way you can rest assured!

  1. Store it in a padded box

Your necklace might get scratched if stored in a container that is rough. To maintain the diamonds and keep them safe, a padded box is the best.

These were some tips and tricks that will for sure help you maintain the diamond necklace forever. If you are looking to invest in one, New World Diamonds is a legitimate place you can get yours from. What are you waiting for? Go get your hands on a beautiful diamond necklace today!

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