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Rose Cut Diamond Your Guide to Choosing Them

Rose Cut Diamond Your Guide to Choosing Them - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Are you looking for the perfect diamond engagement rings to give to your
partner? Choosing the perfect diamond wedding or engagement ring requires
careful planning and execution. There are several options available such as a
rose cut diamond rings, antique diamond ring cuts, and other modern and
fancy options. Rose-cut diamond rings are gaining popularity and have been in
the trend for decades. Its rose cut pattern has high transparency and is
considered to be a rare and unique diamond cut. If you want a rose-cut
antique diamond ring for yourself, the following guide will help you make the
right investment choice.

Why is rose cut diamond ring a better choice?

Rosebud cut diamond has a rose-like pattern which is the most Charming and
appealing attribute of this diamond. Today rose cut diamond is a popular
choice for diamond jewelry and diamond engagement ring because of the
following reasons

  • Good value for money

Unlike other popular cut diamonds, Rose cut diamonds have a big face up a
size. If you opt for rose-cut diamond rings, you will get a much larger-shaped diamond. The proportioning carat weight of rose-cut diamonds is a great advantage to diamond lovers.

  • More practical

A prime benefit of opting for a rose-cut lab diamond is that, unlike other cut
diamonds, it has a flat shape, so it will not extend beyond its ring setting. It is a much more comfortable and practical option for people who are looking for a diamond ring to wear daily. People who are looking for rigorous daily use diamond rings can benefit the best from this protruding diamond cut as they are teamed and will not cause any distraction.

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  • Versatility

The bottom of rose-cut diamonds enables jewelers to cut this into different
shapes such as pear, round, hexagon, square, Oval Diamonds etc. Rose cut diamond mm to carat is different from round-cut brilliant diamonds. While a one-carat round brilliant diamond measures 6.5mm in diameter, a 1-carat rose-cut diamond is around 7.5 millimeters, almost double the size of round-cut diamonds.

  • Transparency

Rose-cut diamonds do not have any pavilion; therefore, they have a
transparent appearance compared to other popular brilliant ball-shaped cuts. If you are looking for a refreshing and unique change in your diamond
engagement ring other than a round-cut brilliant diamonds, this will be the
best option.

Which setting goes well with rose-cut diamonds?

Rose-cut diamonds would look great with antique metals such as yellow gold.
It can complement the warm hue of this beautiful diamond. Rose gold setting
and rose cut bezel settings are a subtle and understated design that provides
great elegance to the wearer. Rose-cut diamonds paired with the right setting
can provide you with a timeless classic look.

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