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Reasons Why Diamonds are considered a Luxury Today

If people had a choice today to get the gemstone they always desired, then diamonds would top the list. Although there are countless different gemstones like rubies, sapphires and emeralds in the world, diamonds still hold a special place in people's hearts. This is mainly because they are widely considered as the symbol of love, hence getting diamond engagement rings and white diamond rings is quite common. Besides, diamonds are also the hardest gemstones, so investing in them becomes ideal for people seeking something for the long term. Moreover, diamonds are also one of the most versatile gemstones. These glistening stones are not just available in a variety of shapes, sizes and carat weights, but there are numerous colored diamonds available that you can shop for as per your choice.

Another factor that makes diamonds a luxury and the most sought-after option is their sparkle. This gemstone sparkles like no other; therefore, people who love its eternal shine do not consider the option of buying other gemstones.

Pricing Differences between Diamonds

Different diamonds are priced differently in the market today. For instance, you can shop for a white diamond for a few thousand dollars, whereas you could have to spend a lot more if you had to shop for a red or blue diamond.

Diamonds are also priced differently based on their origin. Lab grown diamonds usually are price 40% lesser than natural diamonds. This is because of the difference in the production method of these diamonds. However, some lab diamonds can cost more than natural diamonds. It depends on various factors like the diamond’s carat weight, clarity and color.

Besides, lab grown diamonds are more versatile than natural diamonds. Hence, if you are looking for an engagement ring, then you might have countless options if you browse lab diamond engagement rings. You can check out our unique collection at New World Diamonds and shop from our custom lab grown diamond rings that can be personalized according to your choice. You can also choose the metal setting, diamond color and even its shape and customize it together to create a unique engagement ring or wedding band.

Diamonds are, for a very long time, deemed as one of the most precious stones. Although you might find various gemstones that are rarer than diamonds, these stones are unique in their way and will always stay a luxury for the people who admire their beauty and attributes. So if you are a diamond admirer, visit New World Diamonds today and get your first genuine and authentic lab grown diamond from us.

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