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Reasons Why 4Cs Affect the Pricing of Your Diamond

Reasons Why 4Cs Affect the Pricing of Your Diamond - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Although diamonds are among the most common gemstones used across the globe, it does not seemingly reduce their prices. Real diamonds can only be found in two situations. One, where they are excavated from the earth’s crust; and second, where they are produced inside a laboratory. A brilliant lab grown diamond is just as pretty and real as brilliant earth grown diamond.

When shopping for diamonds, you would want to get the best diamond at a great price. Well, that’s what makes a great deal, right? If you consider the most common factors when choosing the diamonds - their 4C’s, you can save anywhere between a few hundred to a thousand bucks! Yes, you read that right.

The 4C’s can make or break the diamond's quality as well as its price. We have listed below a few reasons why they can affect your diamond’s price to a large extent.

  • Less Clarity or Inclusions Lower the Price

We know diamonds for their clarity. However, at times, going with a diamond that has a lower rating on the clarity grade can save up to $2000. We’re not telling you to get a diamond that looks bad or has poor clarity. But, a negligible change in clarity or a minor inclusion cannot harm the overall quality of the diamond.

For instance, if you shop for a 1-carat white diamond with VS1 clarity, it can cost you anywhere from $5000 to $8000. However, if you shop for a 1-carat diamond with VS2 clarity, it can cost between $5000 and $6000. See the difference?

  • The Color Scale Matters

When shopping for natural or lab grown colored diamonds and white diamonds, it is important to note that as you go lower on the color scale, the higher the diamond’s price increases. Diamonds are commonly graded based on their color between D and J; D being the most colorless diamond while J having hues of yellow.

When seen through the naked eye, no two diamonds having adjacent color grades can be distinguished. For instance, two diamonds with F and G color grades cannot be differentiated even by a jeweler. However, their pricing can vary extensively.

Similarly, a slight difference in the carat weight of the diamond can result in too high or low pricing of the diamond. Hence, if you want to save money on your diamond purchase, you can simply opt for the one with a lower clarity or color grading as it will not hamper the overall look of your diamond.

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