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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Get 10% off on all pieces with code 'SURPRISE'
Rare Natural Orange Diamonds - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Rare Natural Orange Diamonds

Natural fancy-colored diamonds are rare and represent only less than 1% of the total production of diamonds across the globe. Natural orange diamonds are the most sought-after gemstones becoming increasingly popular among diamond lovers. Rare natural orange diamonds are popular because of their fiery hue due to nitrogen in their chemical composition, and this element also gives yellow diamonds their perfect yellow hue. But natural orange diamonds are less compared to yellow diamonds. Natural pure orange diamonds are extremely rare; however second hues of pink, brown, and yellow gemstones are accessible at high prices.

Orangey-colored and orange diamonds mostly come from the Democratic Republic of Congo and South African regions, while some are mined in Angola and Brazil. The famous Argyle mine in Australia was a prime earth-mined orange diamonds producer. Due to less availability of sources, the future price of orange diamonds is expected to increase exponentially.

Things to know about orange diamonds

Orange diamonds are known as fire diamonds because of their mesmerizing hue. Natural orange diamonds are extremely scarce, so Orange Lab Grown Diamonds are the best alternative to orange diamonds that look exactly like natural diamonds and have the same physical and chemical properties. The presence of nitrogen elements within the chemical composition of a diamond is the main reason diamonds are orange in color. Orange diamonds are also called pumpkin diamonds because of their squash color. The color intensity for orange diamonds, which GIA grades, are faint orange, light orange, very light orange, fancy light orange, fancy intense orange, fancy deep orange, and fancy vivid orange.  

Natural and pure orange diamond having no overtone color is supposed to be the rarest stone. Although it is challenging to rank the rarity nature of fancy color diamonds, gemologists consider that orange diamonds to be the 5th or 4th rarest colored diamonds after red, pink, violet, and blue fancy colored diamonds. Orange diamonds can also contain a secondary hue of brownish, brown, yellowish, yellow, pinkish, brownish yellow, etc. 

Buying guide for orange-colored diamonds

Orange-colored diamonds are intriguing, highly valued, and alluring gemstones among diamond collectors and enthusiasts. Natural and red-orange diamonds are extraordinary among other fancy color diamond families, so they are expensive. Orange diamonds, which come with different modifying colors like yellow or brown pink, are vivid orange gemstones that are also valuable and exceptional. Orange diamonds are cut into different fancy shapes to achieve the best color. As a good cut, orange diamonds will be priced at higher rates; therefore, concentrating on the stone's tone, saturation, and hue is always a better choice. The value of the orange diamond increases with the increasing color intensity. Like any other natural fancy diamonds, natural pure diamonds are the most valuable and desired gems, which are extremely rare.

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