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Peridot, Spinel, and Sardonyx are the Three August Birthstones - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Peridot, Spinel, and Sardonyx are the Three August Birthstones

August has three birthstones, and if you are born in August, you can shop among these three gemstones: spinel, peridot, and sardonyx. Peridot makes fabulous August birthstone gift jewelry that is used for concentration, medication, psychological insight, and understanding. It is sourced from Pakistan, China, the United States, Myanmar, Vietnam, etc. The spinel birthstone is sourced from many countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, etc. Sardonyx birthstone is the most sought-after gemstone in India, Brazil, Germany, the United States, etc.

What is August Birthstone?

According to the Jewelers of America and the American gem trade association, these three gemstones are the popular August birthstones. The first among the three August birthstones is sardonyx, which dates back to ancient Egyptian soldiers wearing sardonyx during battle and considering the stone a sign of protection and strength. The color of this August birthstone varies from amber to vibrant green color. The second August birthstone is peridot, which has the same coloring as sardonyx. Often it is confused for sardonyx. An alternate birthstone for August in the year 2016 was known to be spinel.

What Color is August's Birthstone?

There are three main birthstones for August: spinel, peridot, and sardonyx. In the August birthstone color, the Peridot birthstone is green, the sardonyx is reddish-brown, and the spinel gemstone is bright red.

Among these three gemstones, peridot is the only stone that has a single colorful stone. You will see different shades and colors of peridot with diverse transparency and clarity levels; however, all are in a green shade. The main reason peridot is green is that it has iron in its composition.

History and Symbolism of Peridot Birthstone

Among the three August birthstones, Peridot is supposed to be the rarest gemstone that develops naturally and is found in one color only. It is olive green in color because it has a mineral composition of iron and magnesium. Peridot is the only gemstone that is available in subtle green shades. The Egyptians refer to Peridot as “the gem of the sun” as it is taught to protect you against nightmares. These gemstones form an incredible option for people who want to opt for green gemstones and are looking for a cheap alternative to pricey emeralds. The color tone of Peridot ranges from deep green, yellowish lime green, to earthy olive shades.

History and Symbolism of Spinel Birthstone

Spinel is a popular August birthstone that is bright red in color and looks similar to a Ruby gemstone compared to peridot. It is available in diverse color ranges like red, purple, blue-green, blue, violet, and orange. This gemstone has been growing in popularity in recent days and is popular in Europe and Asia because of its royal look. Spinel gemstone is associated with refreshment and inspiration and provides endurance to the wearer.

Since demand for rubies has surged dramatically, the spinel gemstone is also gaining popularity in the industry. Cobalt blue and vibrant red spinel are the two most popular and soft after gemstones. Spinel August birthstone is available in every shade of the rainbow. People who are looking for blue and red gemstones and cheap alternatives to sapphires and rubies opt for this gemstone. Once, people also believed that red spinel bloodstone helps in treating blood loss and inflammatory diseases. It is a symbolic representation of harmony and anger management.

History and Symbolism of Sardonyx

One of the most original August birthstones is sardonyx, which is also one of the oldest August gemstones. The history of this gemstone dates back to 4000 years ago when it was used in ancient Rome, and people used them for seals and singlet rings. Sardonyx is a symbol of optimism, strength, protection, happiness, and bravery. People believe this gemstone helps absorb negative energy and promotes positivity, good fortune, and good health to the wearer. It is a semi-precious and unique stone available in various colors ranging from vibrant red to opaque to brown.


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