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New World Diamonds - The Best Lab Grown Diamond Company in USA

With our own collection of lab grown diamonds and jewelry, New World Diamonds takes pride in calling ourselves the best lab grown diamond company in the USA and there are a few reasons why we say so…

With more than 50 years of cumulative experience in diamond creation and trading, the owners of New World Diamonds have the best experience in the world of lab grown diamonds and this becomes our best feature when someone recommends New World Diamonds as the best lab grown diamond company.

Here are a few other reasons why we are the best lab grown diamond company in the USA…

Real Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds from New World Diamonds are indeed real diamonds, identical in every way (but the price!) to mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds from New World Diamonds are 100% pure crystallized carbon. consider it as making ice in your modern-day freezer versus getting it from a glacier; both are frozen H2O no matter the origin. We have our techniques and facilities to crystalize carbon into stunning rough diamonds that are then cut, polished, and graded a bit like mined diamonds.

Always superior to other lab grown diamonds

You might see many lab grown diamonds hitting the market that doesn’t really qualify. We grow our diamonds within the world’s most technologically advanced laboratories that have a long-running and deep-rooted history with us. This suggests we are providing you with the simplest selection of the best diamonds at the foremost competitive price.

Always superior in ethics

As the best lab grown diamond company within the USA with certified operations and products, we've proven our commitment to not only meet but exceed the simplest of the simplest standards in social and environmental performance. Every lab created diamond from New World Diamonds is guaranteed conflict-free and sourced from highly sophisticated labs where they're created and cut during a controlled environment. But we go a few steps further.

Certified lab grown diamonds

All New World Diamonds lab grown diamonds are graded the same way as earth-mined diamonds and come with a grading certificate from the International Gemological Institute (IGI) or Gem Certification & Assurance Lab (GCAL).

New World Diamonds lab grown diamonds are available in a variety of trendy colors

White Lab Grown Diamonds

The most common types of diamonds are white diamonds and are graded on the shortage of color present. White lab grown diamonds are 20%-40% but their earth-mined equivalents.

Yellow Lab Grown Diamonds

Both natural and lab grown diamonds get the yellow color from a combination of nitrogen elements. Once light enters the diamond, the nitrogen will reflect back the light. Yellow lab grown diamonds cost up to 75% but their mined equivalents.

Blue Lab Grown Diamonds

With fancy light blue to fancy intense blue, both natural and lab grown blue diamonds get their color with boron. Blue lab grown diamonds cost up to 90% but their mined equivalents.

Pink Lab Grown Diamonds

Mined pink diamonds are the rarest color available and also the foremost expensive. Pink lab grown costs up to 95% but their mined equivalents.

Beautiful jewelry collection

With our expert jewelry designers, New World Diamonds is specialized in providing the best lab grown diamond jewelry along with purest diamonds.

Well, these reasons are not enough to make us the best lab grown diamond company, you have to explore our collection and go through our other resources of information around lab grown diamonds. Click here and explore.

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