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List of Rare Shapes and Colors of Diamonds

Looking to buy a diamond? Before you rush madly into the store, it's worth your while to learn all there is about this gemstone. Today we're going to explore some of the rarest shapes and colors of diamonds available on the market. From fancy pink diamonds to natural blue ones, get ready for some incredible surprises! 

  1. Fancy Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are probably the rarest diamonds on the market. Fewer than 100 pink diamonds over 1 carat are produced worldwide each year, most of which are mined in Australia or Africa. The largest perfect pink diamond in the world is 27.64 carats mined in Africa in the year 1999.

  1. Natural Blue Diamonds

Natural blue diamonds are very rare and valuable, not because they are particularly hard to find, but because they are difficult to identify as natural blue diamonds. Since most diamonds contain traces of boron, it causes them to produce blue fluorescence when exposed to ultraviolet light.

  1. Green Diamonds

A green diamond is formed due to exposure to radiation, oftentimes, this happens when a diamond comes in close proximity to radioactive uranium. However, green lab grown diamonds can be seamlessly created in a lab in a few months.

  1. Fancy Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are said to be rare because they require very high-quality stones that can only be found in small portions close to the mines where they were mined. If you search for them you'll find them at very high prices, but there's definitely an audience for these yellow diamonds!

  1. Rose Cut Diamonds

They are also called old mine cut diamonds after the mines in which they were originally mined. A rose cut diamond is the oldest diamond on the market, and is more commonly known for its shape rather than color.

  1. Octagonal Diamond

A rare shape that only occurs in the deepest parts of the mines or with numerous intricate processes in the laboratory, octagonal diamonds are an extremely valuable find. Because of their intricate shape, they are most often used by certified diamond dealers to showcase the unique properties of real diamonds. Because of their shape, these diamonds aren't cut to make them fit for jewelry; instead, they are usually polished on all sides to remove any sharp points and give them a brilliant shine.

  1. Asscher-Cut Diamond

This particular style is harder to come by than round or cushion-cut diamonds. Found in either fancy shades like blue or fancy pink shades like yellow, its cut in a square pattern on one face with two parallel cuts running down both sides of it at an angle.

Diamonds are a rare, beautiful gemstone. Each diamond shape is unique, as is each one’s color spectrum. You can purchase diamonds of all colors and shapes from New World Diamonds as we offer a vast range and provide 100% authentic diamonds.

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