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List of most demanded Lab Grown Diamond Necklace Designs?

Jewelry is a vital part of every ensemble, and a necklace is what you need to accentuate the look of anything you wear, even if it is just casual clothing. Dark shades go well with light clothes, while a white diamond necklace is a perfect foil for a dark blue or black dress. 

Prevent health problems with New World Diamonds’ Lab Grown Necklace

Buying Diamond jewelry is a great idea, and even more so if you choose New World Diamonds. They craft jewelry like their Lab Grown Diamond Eternity Band range from specially manufactured diamonds on the same level as the mined diamonds that have ruined the health of many innocents! These stones are devoid of the many flaws that define other diamonds. Don’t worry about the costs, as they come at affordable rates.

If you are bold enough to break away from tradition, we recommend some popular designs for you.

  1. Two to tango: Can’t decide between gold and platinum for your Lab Grown Diamonds? Try our two-tone jewelry range, which has the best of both and is excellent for any festive occasion! It may sound quite unusual now, but trust us, you won’t regret it.
  1. Keep it simple with a pendant: A charm will be enough if it is a family gathering or a reunion. But instead of what you can find, choose from New World Diamonds’ unique range of necklaces that include pendants in multiple forms, like those with vertical or horizontal spinning diamonds in the center of a halo setting, a bar diamond, or flare pendants with colored diamonds occupying the center.
  1. Get chunky for fun: You can jazz up any boring dress with chunky jewelry. When commissioning the design of such neckpieces, choose silver or platinum, as these metals enhance the refractive range of diamonds. If you feel too lazy, check out the Jillian necklace from New World Diamonds.
  1. Wear a choker, be calm: Go daring with a diamond-encrusted choker and shock others. This design, which was presumed to be obsolete, made a comeback in recent times, and everyone seems to love it! If you have never worn this piece, you can request our experts at New World Diamonds to design one. 
  1. A cross to bear: If you plan on visiting the church someday, try the New World Diamonds' cross diamonds collection to let your faith shine through.
Find your missing spark with New World Diamonds!
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