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Lab-Grown Diamonds Cost Up To 40% Less Than Earth-Mined Diamonds

The whole and sole reason behind investing in lab-grown diamonds is that they are eco-friendly and absolutely authentic. We, as humans, want to invest in something that is surreal, natural, and has its own demand. At such times, real earth-mined diamonds come into the picture. But as we take a look at the bigger picture, earth-mined diamonds are much more costly than lab-created ones.

Lab-created diamonds are man-made diamonds that have the qualities of mined diamonds. They are made using the high-pressure high-temperature method where diamonds are heated up to a certain level but at the same time, utmost care is taken that the diamond does not lose its natural shine and authenticity. These diamonds consist of a carbon atom and have the same chemical and visual characteristics as a mined diamond.

Lab grown diamonds cost up to 40% less than a similar mined diamond. The prices of lab-grown diamonds also fluctuate with time. They can be as low as 1.08 carat for $1,960 or as high as 4.03 carat for $95,890. There are some important factors that affect the prices of lab-grown diamonds.


As unique as the shape is, it will cost you more. Round brilliant diamond is one of them, followed by Oval cuts, Asscher cuts, and more.


If clarity is something that you seek, you might end up putting in a lot of money than you originally planned. If there are minor, noticeable blemishes on the diamond, that will cost you a little less than usual.


It does not increase or decrease the value of a diamond but it verifies what you are paying for. Having a certificate is very vital. We recommend an IGI certificate for especially lab-created diamonds. It offers the most reliable and durable experience with diamonds.

These were some pointers about why there is a huge price gap between mined and lab-grown diamonds. We hope that reading this will give you an overview of buying a lab-grown diamond.

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