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Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings Styles 2020!

Diamonds are forever. They stay forever thus, they are meant for engagement rings. Engagement is an event where the man promises his to-be-wife to be with her forever. Diamonds in engagement rings are meant to keep up with this saying.

Lab-grown diamond engagement rings are getting popular similarly as the mined ones. Lab grown diamonds are similar to those coming out of Earth’s belly so they are indeed pure.

The decision you take in picking out a diamond ring is one that your partner and you are likely to have to live with for a very long time.

Well, don’t worry; this article will help you. Check out our guide to the most popular lab grown diamond engagement ring trends in 2020.

Antique Rings

Antique rings have heavy history backed up with them. With an artistic ring maker, you can choose an antique ring from a jeweler and you can easily get a feel of the historic jewel for you. The ‘antiqueness’ of these rings come with the style and art it has been carved with. If your partner and you have an interest in a particular era, you can ask the jeweler for a particular design.

With an antique ring, you can easily incorporate lab grown diamond in it with the same jeweler.

Minimalist Rings

Traditionally speaking, the purpose of a diamond ring is to square out as a really awesome representation of a couple’s love and devotion. But sometimes, squaring out is about not overstating things. Featuring sleek and clean lines, extremely little and fewer facets in the way of additional ornamentation, modern minimalist engagement rings are normally diamond solitaire designs or feature a bigger center stone set between two smaller stones whichever you prefer.

Minimalist rings deliver both a touch of elegance & refinement as well as stack easily & beautifully with most wedding rings.

Halo Rings

Halo rings are popular for many decades, but new variations on popular themes are helping keep these styles in the limelight. Halo designs tend to feature a bigger centered diamond, encircled by a hoop of round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds. Of course, this is usually just the start; there are as many various halo styles as there are stars in the sky.

For an extravagant look, larger halo diamonds or multiple halo rings can create an attention-grabbing piece. On the opposite hand, small halo diamonds help the center stone stand out. Or, for something really leading edge, you can think about a ‘hidden halo,’ where the lab grown diamonds are really set directly under the center stone — the ring seems like a normal solitaire from the top, but from the side, it gets significant sparkle.

Three-Stone Rings

There’s nothing wrong with a classic jewel. But why accept a diamond when you can have three? The three-stone lab grown diamond rings dial up the wow factor, by adding two slightly smaller diamonds on either side of the center one. Together, these stones represent a couple’s journey; the foremost important stone signifies this, while the stones on either side represent the past and the future. Alternatively, the three stones may signify friendship, love, and fidelity, or stand as an endless reminder to honor, love, and cherish one another.

The list goes on and on but for 2020, we are sure these four designs and styles will get your 2020 together.

If you are planning to get engaged soon in this pandemic like situations, you can still shop engagement rings. Hop on to and explore our collection.

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