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How to Spot the Perfect Blue Diamond Ring

How to Spot the Perfect Blue Diamond Ring - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

What is a Blue Diamond?

A blue diamond is a type of diamond that has all the properties of normal diamonds. The only difference is that this diamond exhibits blue color. Blue diamond rings belong to the category of diamonds called fancy diamonds. These diamonds are extremely rare. These stones contain traces of boron, which contaminate the crystalline structure. One of the earliest recorded blue diamonds is the Hope Diamond. It was discovered in India in the Kollur mines of Andra Pradesh.

This discovery was made in the seventeenth century. Since blue diamond rings are rare, they are sought after by collectors. There is a grading scale for blue diamond rings. It ranges from faint blue to fancy vivid blue. The fancy vivid blue diamonds are the best. Read on to learn more about how to spot the best blue diamond ring:

How is a Blue Diamond Created?

Blue diamonds were formed over 3 billion years ago deep inside the Earth’s crust. The temperature here exceeds 1000 degrees Celsius. Whereas the pressure is around 60 kilobars. These crystallize stones are called diamonds. All diamonds are created in the same manner and conditions. Blue diamond rings are quite rare. If you want to spot the perfect blue diamond, here are the points that will help you:

Blue Diamond Features in Comparison to White Diamond:

Blue diamond price vary from white diamond prices. They both are highly sought after and in demand. Vivid blue diamonds are very rare, even rarer than white diamonds. Both types of diamonds are highly similar; however, there are some key differences.

Color of the diamonds: As the name suggests, the most notable difference between blue diamonds and white diamonds is color. White diamonds are colorless or near colorless. On the other hand, blue diamonds have a notable and clear blue hue. This is one of the most important factors that will help you stop a perfect blue diamond ring. We at New World Diamonds will make sure that you get the best blue diamond ring at the best blue diamond prices.

How the diamonds are formed: Both diamonds are created the same way, with some minor differences. These diamonds are formed in the earth’s mantle. White diamonds are a result of pure carbon that undergo intense heat and pressure over time. Whereas blue diamonds have traces of boron atoms. These atoms then get their color due to this exposure. Sometimes diamonds also get their color due to radiant exposure.

Price of these diamonds: According to online portals, the prices of blue diamonds vary from that of white diamonds. Blue diamonds are rare and are sought after by collectors thus, they are more expensive than white diamonds. However, the blue diamond price and quality will depend on their size, color, cut, and carat weight.

Uses: Blue diamond rings are sought after by collectors and gem enthusiasts. Both blue and white diamonds are used in jewelry. White diamonds are usually used in engagement rings and wedding rings. They are also used in traditional jewelry.

The Four Cs of Gemstones:

The quality of diamonds depends on the four Cs. Clarity, color, carat weight and cut are the four Cs. If the cut is proper and up to mark, the diamond will have perfect brilliance and fire. If the diamond has significant and vivid color, it is considered high quality and rare. Carat weight is another factor that determines the blue diamond price. Usually, a 3 carat diamond ring is used for engagements and weddings. Thus, if you want to spot the best blue diamond ring, consider the above-mentioned points.

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