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How to Spot Perfect Wedding Bands?

How to Spot Perfect Wedding Bands? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Wedding bands are some of the most important artifacts in our lives. They are worn on the special occasion of a wedding and are worn for life. Thus, it is important that you select your wedding jewelry with caution and care. In this blog, we will help you to choose the best wedding bands for you and your better half. Read on to learn more about how to pick the best wedding bands here: 

The Perfect Wedding Bands 

Wedding bands are also called wedding rings. These are symbolic rings exchanged between the bride and the groom during a wedding ceremony. These wedding bands are a symbol of eternal love and commitment. These symbolic wedding bands are made of special and precious metals like silver, gold, platinum, and in some cases, titanium. 

These rings come in various designs and styles to suit the preferences and personal tastes of the married couple. Some couples choose matching wedding bands. Whereas others go for rings that are different and that match the personalities of the wearer. Make sure what type of band you are opting for. You can get matching bands to display unity and belongingness. Or you can select from the unique designs that we offer at New World Diamonds

Wedding bands also serve as a public declaration of a person’s marital status. They are meant as a sign to others that the wearer of the ring is married and committed to their spouse. Over the years, wedding band designs have evolved. Various embellishments are now a part of the wedding bands. These embellishments include diamonds, gemstones, engravings, and intricate patterns.

You can also customize your wedding bands by adding meaningful symbols or inscriptions that hold special significance. Due to this, wedding rings hold immense sentimental value to couples. We can help you pick the best wedding bands

The Metal of the Wedding Bands

Various types of metals can be used to build a perfect set of wedding bands. They can be made of silver, gold, platinum, or titanium. Platinum wedding rings are highly sought after. It is a precious metal which is known for its rarity, durability, and elegance. These features make platinum a popular choice for engagement rings and wedding bands. The following are the features of platinum. 

Durability: Platinum is well known for its exceptional strength and resistance to wear and tear. It is quite a dense metal, and it can withstand daily use. This precious metal retains its luster over time. The durability of platinum rings is one reason that these rings can be cherished as a heirloom for generations. 

Purity: Platinum that is used for making jewelry is usually 95% pure. This is one reason that it is a hypoallergenic choice for people with sensitive skin. Platinum has a timeless and luxurious appearance. This makes the metal quite precious and pricey. 

Color: White gold requires regular rhodium plating to maintain its color. On the other hand, platinum naturally retains its brilliant white hue. Due to this factor, platinum rings are an ideal choice for showcasing the beauty of diamonds or other gems. 

Weight and Comfort: Platinum is denser than various other precious metals. This gives the metal a satisfying weight when worn. People appreciate the substantial feel of platinum rings on their fingers. Despite its weight, this precious metal is comfortable to wear.

You can also choose gold for your wedding bands. However, pure gold is not used for making jewelry. It is always mixed with other metals when making jewelry. The gold we see in the market as jewelry is always an alloy of gold and other materials. Here are some of the gold alloys for your wedding bands: 

Rose Gold: Rose gold is an alloy of gold created by mixing 75% pure gold with 25% copper. Rose gold is used by many couples as wedding bands due to the fact that they have a warm and romantic feel. Rose gold has become quite popular in today’s time. 

White Gold: White gold is an alloy of gold that is made by mixing pure gold with 25% nickel and zinc. 75% of pure gold is used to make white gold. It then becomes 18-carat gold. It is one of the most popular alloys of gold and is widely used. 

Yellow Gold: Yellow gold is a well-renowned alloy of gold. To make yellow gold, 75% of pure gold is mixed with 25% of silver and copper. Yellow gold is the most popular form of gold used in making jewelry. 

We hope that you found this article beneficial. Now you can choose your own wedding bands. If you want to buy diamond wedding bands, New World Diamonds is the best place to go. We specialize in making lab-grown diamond jewelry.

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