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How to Protect Your Diamond Jewelry from These Damages

Diamonds are a big investment, so if you possess diamond jewelry, you would want it to last for a very long time. Nonetheless, certain factors can cause immense damage to your diamonds and take away their shine. Hence, today we talk about the top 4 types of damages caused to diamonds and diamond jewelry and how can you keep your precious gemstones safe from these.

  1. Sun and Heat Damage

It might be one of the hardest materials known, but exposing your diamonds to direct sunlight can cause disfigurement and dullness. Ultraviolet rays of light can also cause damage to the texture of your diamond. Extreme heat can alter the color of your precious gems. Hence, it is advised you store them at a place having a cool temperature.

  1. Water Damage

The ornamental pieces are made from natural metals like gold, silver, and platinum. They sustain complicated processes to create such attractive pieces. As a result of these processes, they lose out the capacity to withstand constant exposure to water. Revealing your precious stones to water or moisture can lead to staining and also rusting of your precious and expensive ornaments. If you wear a diamond in a ring, it is advised that you take it off while working with your hand such as swimming, cleaning, bathing, washing the dishes, etc.

  1. Chemical Damage

When exposed to chemicals, natural substances react and this can impair your precious jewelry. Thus, it is important to prevent your jewelry from exposure to chemicals. Brutal chemicals such as chlorine (mainly found in pools), detergents, bleaches, etc. affect your jewelry causing discoloration and degradation which can ruin your expensive and precious jewelry in a little while. Pearls have a sheen that can be effortlessly damaged by these chemicals. Hence, it is advised to take off your expensive jewels before getting into household chores, etc.

  1. Physical Damage

There are some jewelry ornaments that you wear on day to day basis, it is normal for them to get damaged physically if met in an accident. If you work a lot outdoors there's a high probability that your jewelry can suffer dents and scratches. To lower the risk of such damage, it is recommended that you take off your jewelry before work and wear it once you’re done. Storing your jewelry together, such as diamonds and other subtle ornaments in the same storage box or container may lead to physical damage to the delicate jewelry. Thus, it is advised to use separate containers or boxes for diamonds jewelry, and other delicate metals.

Make sure you protect your diamond jewelry from these types of damages to make it last longer. You can shop for the best lab grown diamonds from New World Diamonds which is a lab grown diamond company that offers a wide range of loose diamonds and lab grown diamond jewelry. You can also shop engagement rings here, as they offer a collection of unique and stylish lab diamond rings with an option for customizing your lab diamond ring.

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