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How to Match Your Engagement Ring with The Perfect Wedding Band?

How to Match Your Engagement Ring with The Perfect Wedding Band? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

When buying an engagement ring for yourself, it is important to find the perfect and most beautiful wedding bands to get a complete bridal look. As engagement or wedding rings symbolize deep connection and commitment, a wedding ring symbolizes marriage and union. So, choosing a wedding and engagement ring that embodies your lifestyle, unique personal style, and timeless feeling is not a challenging task if you find a perfect wedding band for your soul to pair up with your wedding ring.

Which wedding band will look best with your engagement ring?

Most people have a question: which wedding band will suit the best with their engagement ring? Similarly, an engagement ring wedding band is also important since you will wear it every day and it should reflect your lifestyle or personal style. You can have a nested or stacked bridal look or get help from a jewelry specialist who can help you find a dream bridal set for yourself.  

What are the types and styles of wedding bands available?

You need to select a precious metal and wedding band for yourself and then choose the style of your wedding band. Some common categories you can choose for your wedding band are contoured, classic, notched, and diamond centered uniquely, etc. You should also decide on the stone cut, diamond shape of your wedding and engagement ring. For example, the round cut stone is a common and versatile diamond shape you can apply to your engagement ring. Round cut stone works well for different kinds of wedding ring style and for fancy shaped diamonds and classic styles.

Types of diamond stone and cut 

A wedding band for an oval ring works effortlessly well with various wedding ring styles. If you have a fancy-shaped diamond, you can pair it with an engagement ring and get a unique diamond cut stone which is also a great option with a curved and oblong shape that looks distinctive and flattering. Marquise-Cut Stone can be combined with the contoured band. Another option is Princess cut stone which provides unique brilliance and sparkle. Finally, you can opt for a classic wedding band which is a timeless choice. Wedding bands also work well with wedding or engagement ring, which features fancy shape diamond.

You need to choose a wedding band and determine if the ring is sitting flush along with a straight wedding ring. The modern tradition of engagement ring is combined with the stacked and flush-fitting engagement ring. Wedding bands with a unique and beautiful diamond accent are a distinctive and cheek choice. You can add extra personality to your bridal look by selecting a classic style for your wedding ring.

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