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How to Get that Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

Getting engaged to the person you love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. If your best friend/soulmate has proposed to you, then we know your excitement to show off your ring to the entire world. Your first instinct would be to click a picture, post it online and forward it to friends and family to break the wonderful news. Well, we suggest you wait for a while before doing so.

To get the perfect engagement ring selfie, there are a few things you must keep in mind so you can get that perfect shot. After all, you wouldn’t want to click an average picture of this special moment and share it online right away.

We’ve listed a few tips and tricks that’ll help you get a marvelous picture of your engagement ring.

  1. Make sure your nails are done

If you know today is the day you’re going to boast that ring on your fingers, then make sure you get that manicure done and apply pretty nail polish. Your nails will impact your photos to a large extent so you don’t want to miss this point. In case it is a surprise proposal and your nails are not looking their best, try different poses. You can hold hands with your partner to hide your nails or pose a fist towards the camera.

  1. Choose a fun background

Choose an aesthetic or fun background for your engagement ring selfie to get that flawless shot you want to post online. A landscape, a painted wall or even the skyline go well with white diamond rings.

  1. Capture in natural lighting

Before you get started with clicking countless pictures of your ring to get that perfect shot, make sure you choose a spot with maximum natural light. This will highlight the brilliance of your ring. Another tip is to avoid using flash as it will create an unwanted flare effect which is not great for your ring selfie.

  1. Try different angles

Don’t settle for just one angle or one-shot. Try striking different poses at different angles with your ring; you can also include your excited fiancé in the picture. Once you’re done with capturing photographs, choose that one perfect photo that you want to share with everyone.

  1. Don’t forget to retouch the picture

Retouch your ring selfie before you post it online. Adjusting the contrast and cropping the image a little can help you achieve that perfect picture.

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