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How to find a perfect ring for Christmas Proposal?

If you’re planning to propose this Christmas, we’re sure there are a lot of questions in your mind right now. But in the end, the main focus is on the ring as it is the most important part of any proposal. Other than the love of course! So if you’re struggling to find the perfect ring let us help you with some tips. Read on to know what tips are we talking about?

Choose the right metal

Knowing what kind of metal you want is always good to know beforehand. Make sure you know which metal is dear to you and your partner and go for it. You’ll get a lot of options to choose from when you are clear about what metal you like.  

The shape of the ring

Once done with selecting the right metal for you. The next thing you can do is, think of the right shape. Especially the ring cuts. Round cut and princess cut are in the talks currently, but you see what you like best.

The measure of the ring

There aren’t any fewer cases of the ring not fitting the person who is being proposed. Make sure you don’t add up to it. Get your sizes right, it’s really important. 

Consider the look of the wedding band too

Now that you’re going to propose to someone the wedding is the next step. And you don’t want the wedding band and engagement ring to be a mismatch. If you’re really certain you can always both the things together so that you can have an idea of how it’ll go together.

Focus on the quality of the cut

It is more important than you think, never ever compromise the quality of the cut of the diamond as the better the cut the more light it’ll reflect making the ring shinier. And at the end, you want a ring which shines bright!

Now that you know how to pick a suitable engagement ring for your Christmas proposal, the only thing left to know is where to get this ring. You can shop engagement rings from New World Diamonds as we’ve got the best of the best.

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