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How to Choose the Best Quality Lab-Grown Diamonds

By now, we are sure that you are aware of what lab-created diamonds are. They are pretty much identical to earth-mined diamonds in every way. The only difference is that they cost about 40% less than mined diamonds. People are starting to invest in lab-grown diamond jewelry these days as they are the future of the diamond industry.

If you are someone who is planning to invest in lab-grown diamonds, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. We will be talking about them in-depth further on.

  1. Choosing the right company

These diamonds have increasing popularity these days and why? because of their benefits and attractive properties. They are sustainable, eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and whatnot. Hence, the market is wide as well. To get the most perfect lab diamond, you need to go through a few diamond-selling companies. Make sure you do your research about the company's background, refutability, business practices, diamond growers, shopping experiences, and more. If you find them legitimate, only then move further with the process. Also, you can ask your friends and family how legitimate and good they find this particular company.

  1. Remember the 4Cs

The 4Cs are very crucial. They are carat, cut, clarity, and color. These will do the talking for your diamond. The 4Cs tell how good the quality of a diamond is. Carat shows the actual weight of the stone, cut represents the appearance and the price, clarity shows how pure the diamond is, and then color refers to the whiteness of the diamond.

  1. Ask for the grading reports

A vital element that must come with your diamond is the grading card. Make sure you ask for it as it represents the originality of your diamond. It is graded on the basis of the 4Cs. The report will show all the necessary details like the measurements, finish, and identifications.

  1. Take into account your values and ethics

Researching about companies and diamonds won’t come through unless you are sure about a specific diamond. Along with the research on the companies, make sure you reflect on the jewelry as well. A great way is to shop for eco-friendly diamonds that are created in a lab, rather than choosing mined diamonds that harm the environment.

These were some tips that you might want to consider when buying a lab-grown diamond. These will help you get a diamond that is legitimate and unique. Check out New World Diamonds as they are known for their amazing quality. Shop for lab-created diamonds and shine bright like them.

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