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How Rare is an Olive Diamond? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

How Rare is an Olive Diamond?

Olive diamonds are called chameleon diamonds because they are exceptionally uncommon and rare. The olive green diamond is considered the most renowned diamond, which is extraordinary as they are hard to find. Olive green diamonds can be a favorite choice for all females since they are absolutely beautiful and rare. 

What does olive diamond stand for?

Olive diamonds symbolize interest, lifestyle, power, and youth. The color of these diamonds is similar to the color of nature, which stands for prosperity and abundance. If you incorporate olive green diamonds into your engagement band or wedding ring, it will symbolize a fresh start for your wedding journey. As per astrological beliefs, an olive green diamond is a gemstone associated with the divine powers of Venus planet; therefore, buying this gemstone will bring love, splendor, and luxury to the wearer.

Are olive diamonds rare?

Olive diamonds are the most sought-after and highly prestigious gemstone, which is popular for their value and rarity. They are exceptionally rare in nature and produced in only limited mines worldwide; therefore, high-quality olive diamonds are less in supply. Because of their rare nature, they are priced higher. Pure natural green diamonds are incredibly scarce and are sought after and highly valued by diamond collectors. The secondary use of olive diamonds is comparatively less expensive but highly valuable in contrast to other green-colored gemstones. If you are on a tight budget, you can easily opt for an olive diamond engagement ring by choosing Olive Lab Grown Diamonds ring, which will produce beautiful sparkles and look the same as natural diamonds. Although lab-created olive diamonds are expensive and rare and are a bit pricey, they are affordable compared to natural green diamonds.

Where do olive diamonds derive their color from? 

The olive color in diamonds originates from exposure to atomic radiation and radioactivity, which the stone has endured over several million years. The formation process of diamond, along with the impurities present in it, has given rise to the olive color of gemstones. The intensity level of an olive diamond ranges from faint olive, light olive, very light olive, fancy olive, fancy light olive, fancy intense, fancy vivid, and fancy deep olive diamond. The olive color in diamonds is considered the rarest color among the fancy diamond family. Due to the extreme rarity nature of olive diamonds, they are priced higher than other fancy-colored diamonds. They are generally less rare than pink diamonds; therefore, it is difficult to source fancy green diamonds and the present day. The price of an olive diamond depends on the shape, size, source, quality, and color.

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