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A Fancy Collection of Cut Diamonds @ New World Diamonds

To possess a diamond is to possess a piece of eternity. It is the sparkling gemstone that adds value to your life. It is the ultimate symbol of luxury and success. People across the world see diamonds as a precious and rare gift that can be given to their loved ones to celebrate the major milestones in life.

Previously, diamonds were only owned by the royals and aristocrats, but today, anyone can invest in a diamond. With the advent of lab-grown diamonds, getting a diamond for you is even easier. These diamonds cost relatively lower than earth mined diamonds but possess the same characteristics as them. Now isn’t it a smart investment?

Invest in Fancy Cut Diamonds

Talking about the 4 vital factors – cut, clarity, carat and color, just like the real diamonds lab-grown diamonds are also graded based on these factors. New World Diamonds is an online diamond marketplace that offers you an array of options in lab-grown diamonds. What’s even better is their collection of fancy cut diamonds.

If you’re looking to purchase diamonds with exceptional cuts, here are some of the best diamonds that you can get at New World Diamonds:

  • Oval-Cut Diamonds

Although round cut diamonds are quite popular, oval cut diamonds are more preferred by buyers today. These diamonds emit a radiance that surpasses round cut diamonds and they look perfect in almost every setting. Whether you’re getting a ring, bracelet or necklace, adding an oval cut diamond as the center stone will surely add to the beauty of your jewelry.

  • Princess-Cut Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds are emerging as the go-to choice for engagement rings. The edges of these diamonds are cut so precisely that each edge sparkles vividly adding to the elegance of the diamond. Lab Grown Princess Cut Diamonds make an ideal choice as they are brighter than other diamonds. Moreover, Princess Cut Lab Diamond is also available in various colors at New World Diamonds.

  • Asscher-Cut Diamonds

If brilliance is what you’re looking for, then get your hands on the Asscher cut diamonds. Because of their unique shape, the Asscher diamonds emanate a shine that is so radiant it will surely leave you speechless. The clarity of this diamond is unmatched and so this is the best fancy cut diamond you can invest in. 

The top three fancy cut diamonds are surely ones that you should consider getting as each of them is rare and extraordinary in its way. New World Diamonds is the best place you can get your diamonds from as every lab diamond here is certified by IGI; hence you know you are investing in quality.

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