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How Much Did Ariana Grande's Engagement Ring Cost? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

How Much Did Ariana Grande's Engagement Ring Cost?

Ariana Grande is a versatile singer widely known for her acting and singing skills. In addition, Ariana Grande has also performed concerts for awareness programs and charity purposes. Ariana Grande engagement ring is the talk of the town and has grabbed much attention and limelight.

How much did Ariana Grande’s Engagement Ring Cost?

Ariana Grande engagement ring price is between $ 350K -$800K as it is a pearl
birthstone and an oval shaped diamond ring. The look of her engagement ring is
in Toi Et Moi design and was gifted by Dalton Gomez, her husband, who
proposed to her with this ring. Toi Et Moi's Ring style features oval diamonds,
and pearl stone with a yellow gold diamond that has made her engagement ring
well recognizable worldwide.

Ariana Grandes Toi Et Moi Ring

Ariana Grande's engagement ring includes a brilliant cut Oval shaped diamond
placed on the right-hand side of the band, while a pearl birthstone is placed on
the left side of the band. Platinum metal is added to this ring to provide it an
optimum look whenever she wears it on her hand. The ring's oval-shaped
diamond has the best appearance and does not include flaws or inclusions. The
Toi Et Moi ring of Ariana Grande is special for her as it is associated with an
emotional story related to her grandfather Nonna.

What is special about Ariana Grande's Engagement Ring

In 2014 Nonna asked his wife to gift Ariana a pearl birthstone gold ring; however,
he passed away soon because of cancer. Her grandmother gifted Ariana a pearl
birthstone gold ring, believing it would protect her. As the pearl is her birthstone,
she liked the birthstone that her husband, Dalton Gomez, engraved on the
engagement ring. This Pearl Oval diamond engagement ring is both her wedding as well as an engagement rings. The diamond symmetry of a ring is high quality, providing maximum light reflection. As Dalton Gomez proposed to her with all his feelings, the singer does not want to purchase any other ring for her wedding. This is the reason why Ariana's engagement ring has become so popular as a beautiful wedding ring.

Meaning of Toi Et Moi Ring

The Toi Et Moi ring style can be customized to create a beautiful design for your
loved one representing a deep meaning. You can select a pearl or any birthstone or gemstone according to your tastes or sentiments. The Toi Et Moi style is one of the most romantic ring designs in the jewelry world. This ring design comes with two stones that symbolizes closeness between two souls; therefore, it symbolizes love and intimacy. You can also opt for a unique ring design crafted with deep meaning and thoughtfulness and embrace the trend of the latest celebrities like Ariana Grande.

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