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Lab Grown Colored Diamonds

How Lab Grown Colored Diamonds Are Created in Lab?

Lab-grown colored diamonds get their color from specific trace elements intentionally added during the growth process. Not all lab-grown diamonds are colored deliberately; some remain colorless or near-colorless, resembling natural diamonds.

The color grading of lab-grown diamonds follows the GIA scale used for natural diamonds, ranging from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown). Fancy colors like blue, green, or pink have their own grading scale based on intensity and hue.

How Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Created?

Lab-grown diamonds are created using either the High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) or Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) processes. Both methods start with a tiny diamond seed.

In the CVD process, the seed is placed in a plasma reactor chamber along with carbon-based gasses at low pressure. Microwaves heat these gasses to create plasma, where carbon atoms bond to the seed layer by layer as the temperature rises to thousands of degrees.

Alternatively, in the HPHT process, the seed is placed in a mechanical press where extreme temperatures and pressures are applied to the existing carbon. The seed acts as a guide, and layer by layer, the carbon lattice grows to form the lab-grown diamond until it reaches the desired carat weight, typically in a matter of days.

How do lab-created diamonds get their color?

Lab-grown diamonds achieve their color through a process involving the addition of specific gasses to the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) reactor. These gasses are combined with specific treatments at the end of the synthesis process, resulting in a wide range of hues, from classic white to blush pink to sky blue. This method produces vibrant colors that would be exceptionally rare and expensive in the natural world.

Exploring the Color Story of Diamonds

Brown and Yellow Diamonds: In lab-grown diamonds, yellow is the most prevalent color, achieved by introducing nitrogen atoms during growth. Nitrogen absorbs blue light, causing the diamond to appear yellow. The concentration of nitrogen and growth conditions determine the shade, ranging from light yellow to deep brown, also known as "fancy yellow" or "cognac" diamonds.

2.55ct Deep Brown VS2 IGI Certified Radiant Lab Grown Diamond

Introducing a radiant lab-grown diamond (2.55 carats) in a captivating fancy deep orangy brown hue, certified by IGI. With a radiant shape and VS2 clarity, it exudes elegance and sophistication.

Blue Diamonds: Blue lab-grown diamonds are produced by introducing boron during the growth process. Boron atoms interact with carbon atoms, absorbing red, yellow, and green light while allowing blue light to pass through, resulting in the blue color.

2.17 ct. deep blue SI2 GIA-Certified Princess Lab-Grown Diamond

Captivating lab-grown diamond (2.17 carats) with a stunning fancy deep greenish blue hue, certified by GIA. Crafted into a princess shape, it boasts good cut, polish, and symmetry, ensuring brilliance and elegance.

Green Diamonds: Green lab-grown diamonds are created by subjecting the growing diamond to radiation, often in the form of electron beams. This treatment modifies the diamond's crystal structure, resulting in a green hue.

0.92-carat dark green SI2 IGI-certified round lab-grown diamond

Dazzling round lab-grown diamond (0.92 carats) with a striking fancy dark green color, certified by IGI. Featuring good cut and polish and very good symmetry, this gem exudes uniqueness and charm.

Pink, Red, and Purple Diamonds: Pink, red, and purple lab-grown colored diamonds are typically produced by exposing lab-grown diamonds containing nitrogen impurities to radiation, a process known as irradiation. Subsequently, the diamonds undergo heating at temperatures ranging from 600°C to 1000°C.

0.49ct Vivid Pink SI1 IGI Certified Pear Lab Grown Diamond

Exquisite pear-shaped lab-grown diamond (0.49 carats) boasting a captivating fancy vivid pink hue, certified by IGI. Cut to perfection with good symmetry and polish, this gem radiates elegance and allure. A stunning addition to your jewelry collection.

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