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How can you style Lab Created Black Diamond Rings?

Love breaking the traditions? A lab-grown black diamond ring is your pick! A sleek and enchanting design that stands tall for its breathtaking beauty and not-your-usual pick is what a lab-grown black diamond ring is. Lab created black diamond ring is known for its greater inclusions that impart a darker color to the stone than its other siblings - white diamonds.

In sex and the city 2, ‘‘you are not like anyone else’’, is what Mr. Big said to Carrie while slipping a giant five-carat black diamond ring on her finger. This left us in complete awe, and we couldn’t help but ponder - does a black diamond ring measure up to the beauty of white diamonds? Absolutely, it does!

Lab-created black diamond rings come in great styles and designs that will grab your attention and leave you spellbound for their majestic and imperial appearance. Ethically created with revolutionary technology, black diamond rings can be multifariously styled, giving you a new and regal look each time.

Here are some tips for styling your ethical black diamond ring to make you appear - Bold and Beautiful!

  • Go For Minimalism

An enticing black diamond ring set in white gold can be paired with sleek platinum or white band to amp the look of the black diamond and make it more prominent and noticeable. With a sparkling black diamond and an elegant band, you will stay one step ahead of the fashion curve, sprucing up the basic look in a minimalistic way.

  • Add Some Shimmer

A black diamond ring can be paired with a diamond-encrusted intricately designed tennis bracelet that will together impart a voguish and tempting beauty. Look nothing less than a diva that is here to win hearts with her unmatched beauty and captivating appeal.

  • Accentuate the Black

To make the bold black the most prominent color of your look, pair a black diamond pendant that hangs along a sleek chain with your black diamond ring. Look like a modern lady that knows how to up her fashion game and conquer, looking queenly and imperial.

With a team of professionally driven experts, New World Diamonds believe in creation instead of extraction. We create ethical lab grown diamonds that are nothing but gorgeous with a pearly shine and mesmerizing brilliance. These sterling stones are designed to radiate beauty, positivity, and glamour without scarring our mother earth. Choose the most iconic styles from the vast and diverse diamond ring options made with honesty, purity and hold value for their responsible creation.

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