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High Setting vs. Low Setting – Which One to Choose for Your Engagement Ring?

For all those who are getting engaged or looking for the perfect ring that you might have your eyes on, there is a major factor that you need to consider. A high setting ring or a low setting ring. Many new buyers think that this can’t be a huge decision to take but it plays a vital role in the durability, wear ability, and sparkle of the ring. So, it is a choice which is to be made with open eyes. But, don't worry. We will fill you in with everything that you need to know about settings. This will make you feel confident about the ring and your decision as well! 

High setting engagement ring:

These are very simplistic in their own way. A high setting will let your diamond set high and hence, the visibility is often more. This is considered as one of the wow factors. It becomes easier to look at the side profile of the engagement ring as well. As the stone protrudes higher than your finger, the ring has a higher profile.

Pros of a high setting engagement ring:

The main and the greatest benefit of choosing a setting that is high is that it will showcase the center of your stone. Gems will appear much more brilliant in this setting than a low setting. They will also shine brighter and will be visible from all sides. High profile lab diamond engagement rings are also versatile in nature.

Low setting engagement ring:

A diamond setting with a low profile is ornate in nature. The center stone is not the only attraction in these, but things like filigree and dazzling stones are a point of attraction as well. These are also known as pave diamonds.

Pros of a low setting engagement ring:

If you have an active lifestyle and if you work every day, a low setting engagement ring will be perfect for you. There are very few chances of these getting scratched or damaged and you can wear them every day as well.

Hence, it will be a smart choice to choose a setting that suits your lifestyle. Make sure you go through the tips again before getting a ring. If you are searching for a trusted place to get engagement rings from, we, at New World Diamonds are at your service. You will find many options from colored diamonds to white diamond rings. You can also get your hands on custom lab-grown diamond rings. Isn’t that amazing? Well, what are you waiting for? Get yourself an engagement that suits you the best today!

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