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Here’s what to Do If Your Engagement Ring is too small to Fit

On the day of your proposal, you find out that the size of your engagement ring is too small, scary, right? Well, We don’t wish this for anyone, but, in case it happens, our first advice will be not to panic! We also understand that this isn’t the best advice but we will be giving you some tips and tricks that you can take into consideration if this happens with you. Don’t let this fear take control over your excitement. It is your right to be excited! After all, you have a perfect partner and also an engagement ring which is gorgeous and almost perfect.

Well, now you have your engagement ring, as wonderful as you dreamt of it to be, looking down at you, begging to slide it into your finger. What do you do? Here, you will feel the need to resize the ring again. It might sound a little crazy to you, but we assure you that this is a practice that is done every day for thousands of people and is completely safe. You don’t need to worry about anything happening to that gorgeous piece of jewelry. 

We recommend taking the ring to an expert to get it resized as you don’t want to risk this activity, so get it done from the absolute best.

  • There are a few tried and tested methods of resizing an engagement ring. Some of them can be cutting the ring’s shank and then adding a bridge so that it increases the size eventually. A jeweler will pull apart both sides and then add the metal by soldering.
  • Another technique when it comes to resizing a ring that is too small to fit is stretching the shank by pulling it apart. For this, you will need an expert. Without him, there are chances that you might damage the ring totally. Hence, an expert will do this activity effortlessly and get you a ring that is as new as possible. Most importantly, it will fit you for sure.

Some facts about resizing a ring:

  1. Avoid resizing it too many times as it might weaken the ring and damage the engagement ring settings.
  2. The maximum number of times you can resize a ring is 2 to 4.
  3. It is an easy task if you are working with an experienced jeweler. This is 100% suggested! At all times!
  4. It will take about one to two weeks to resize your engagement ring.

These were some tips and tricks that you can practice if your ring is too small. Also, shop engagement rings from the best and renowned sellers so that you get your hands on the best ring!

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