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Here Are Some Eco-Friendly Designer Necklaces You'll Love

Eco-friendly diamond! Sounds great! Well, they look great too. With radiance as true as a pearl and a shine as bright as a star, man made diamonds or lab-grown diamonds are paramount of luxury that comes at an attractive price. Lab-grown diamonds are crafted ethically following a unique approach that’s ethical and safe - both for humans and our planet. Following a meticulous process that’s innovative and revolutionary, these diamonds are created inside a lab free from distortions, and the best part is - they do not scar our mother earth.

Although man-made diamonds are created, not found, they shine as pure and true as natural diamonds, and it’s unthinkable to differentiate between the two with the naked eye. Aah! That’s their beauty! Created inside a laboratory imitating the external environmental parameters similar to natural diamonds, these sterling stones gain their life in the hot baking chambers and are polished to shine.

We Bring You the Best Shine

As lab-grown diamonds are gaining attention for their unreal charm at an attractive price, New World Diamonds, a lab-grown diamonds company, is skilled in creating some fine, intricate diamond jewelry, including Eco Friendly Necklaces - the epitome of beauty and grace.

With the ongoing trends, as the demands for regal necklaces are rising, we have curated a list of some eco-friendly designer necklaces that you are bound to fall in love with!

  • The Annabelle Pendant

A heart-shaped pendant with an array of sterling diamonds running across its border. This beauty is nothing but love that hangs along a sleek gold chain. Resting on your chest, this beauty holds an enticing charm and spark.

  • The Clementine Necklace 

Adorn your neck with the luminescent shimmer of The Clementine Necklace that is an absolute regal. A curvy, sleek line encrusted with scintillating diamonds looks bright and beautiful with a minimalistic look.

  • The Melvis Pendant

A symbol of faith and hope is this cross-shaped pendant outlined by an array of glistening diamonds. This shining cross holds an impeccable charm and looks ethereal as you wear this exquisite design with a plunging neckline dress.

  • The Margery Pendant

Look like a heavenly princess wearing The Margery Pendant that resembles a blooming flower covered with delicate shimmering diamonds all over it. This delightful piece is all love, beauty and charm with a subtle and sleek design.

We bet to have made your shopping easy! With a wide variety of enchanting necklaces, we believe in styling right by marrying pure and beauty together.

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