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Getting the Paperwork in Order: Why Lab-Grown Diamond Certificates Are Crucial

Getting the Paperwork in Order: Why Lab-Grown Diamond Certificates Are Crucial - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

When purchasing a diamond today, you are open to two different options. One is the traditional and age-old diamond aka the mined diamonds, while the other is a new breakthrough in the diamond industry aka the lab-created diamonds. Created with the help of advanced technologies, lab-grown diamonds offer the exact same benefits as their counterparts, however, are priced about 30 to 40% lower than mined diamonds.

Look For an Authentic Lab Diamond

Due to the generous price gap between the two types of diamonds, a lot of people prefer investing in lab-grown ones. However, there are certain things you should keep in mind while you purchase lab grown diamond jewelry. Since there are various diamond simulants available in the market today, you may come across certain sellers who claim a diamond to be lab grown, but in reality, it might just be cubic zirconia. Hence, a prime step you must always carry out is to have a look at the paperwork of the lab diamond you are about to invest in to ensure that it is authentic.

By paperwork, we mean the Diamond Certifications. Every diamond, whether it is natural or lab grown, is provided with a certification by leading diamond grading laboratories like IGI, GIA, AGS and EGL. These certifications are documents that possess details about the diamond’s characteristics. It can also be called the Certificate of Authenticity for a diamond since it confirms that a diamond is just as it is claimed to be. A diamond certificate also provides you with information about whether the diamond is natural or laboratory grown.

How a Diamond Gets Its Authenticity Certificate

Before an authenticity certificate is provided to a certain diamond, it undergoes various tests by authorized and trained professionals who examine the diamond closely using advanced tools to evaluate the diamond precisely. Once the diamond fits all the standards set by the laboratory for a diamond to be deemed real, it is then given the authenticity certificate.

However, it is vital to purchase only those diamonds certified by the best grading labs.

If you purchase lab grown diamond rings or other lab grown diamond jewelry, make sure you are always provided with a certificate from the best international grading lab to ensure the information about the diamond is precise. The lab grown diamonds Texas are all provided with the best authentication; hence shopping for lab-created diamonds in Texas is also a great way to get your hands on some of the best diamonds.

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