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Flower Lab Diamond Jewelry for Every Bride

Brides all over the world choose to commemorate their wedding day with a symbol of their love. For centuries, the diamond was exclusively for royalty and the super-elite. Now, lab diamond jewelry is crafted with the same beauty and brilliance as gemstones that were once reserved for movie stars and rock stars. You don’t need to be born into money or power to proudly wear Floral Lab Grown Colored Diamonds on your finger or neck.

Diamonds have been associated with romance for well over a century because they are indestructible. Diamonds were earlier reserved for the wealthy, but this is changing. Floral Lab Grown Colored Diamond jewelry has made diamonds affordable and available to everyone. They represent the pinnacle of precision and sophistication.

Here are some of the best floral lab diamond jewelry that every bride would love:

  1. Diamond Long-Thin Sterling Silver Ring

This ring is the perfect symbol of your eternal love. The crisscross design has a gorgeous elegance that makes it the perfect style choice for brides that want a dainty ring. This lovely Floral Lab Diamond Jewelry is crafted with 0.40 carats in diamonds, which is large enough to add a sense of passion to your wedding attire.

  1. Flower Tea Light Earrings

This duo of rings is an elegant choice for every bride, especially brides that want to wear something dainty yet regal at the same time. The elegant design of this Floral Lab Diamond Jewelry has a simple yet striking diamond cut, with the gold posts adding the perfect finishing touch for any wedding attire. If you like to wear earrings and want to feel like you’re wearing flowers, this pair of earrings is sure to leave you feeling feminine and elegant in every way possible.

  1. Floral Lab Diamond Mimosa Pendant

This beautiful Floral Lab Diamond Jewelry is crafted in 11 Karat Gold, setting off the thin band of diamonds. The delicate design of this ring has a subtle blossom that shines with the brilliance of a diamond but is still delicate enough to tie in with any wedding attire you’re wearing. It is definitely a pendant that can easily be worn by every bride, and it’s sure to please any bridesmaids who are also getting married later on.

  1. Chateau Diamond Ring

A floral design that is simple yet gorgeous, the Chateau Diamond Ring casts a spell of elegance and grace over every bride who wears it. The ring is crafted in platinum and set off with 0.15 carats of diamonds, giving you the perfect balance between glamor and a sense of majesty that only comes with wearing magnificent Floral Lab Diamond Jewelry on your wedding day.

Although many people think diamonds are only for the wealthy, lab diamond jewelry proves that any bride can slip on head-turning Floral Lab Diamond Jewelry to feel like a princess. You can purchase from New World Diamonds these beautifully crafted pieces of jewelry that stand the test of time, symbolizing the eternal love and romance that every bride should have on her wedding day.

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