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Facts to know before buying an Engagement ring

If you’re reading this, we think you’re about to get engaged. First of all, congratulations! And second, we know you’re researching to know everything about how to get the best engagement ring possible. To answer your question in a line we’d highly recommend getting an engagement ring made of lab grown diamonds. There are tons of pros and that is the best choice available today! But there are also some things you should know before buying a ring for your special one. What are those? Read on to know.

Here are some facts you should know before buying an engagement ring.

  1. Know the 4cs of your ring. These include the cut, the color, the clarity, and the carat. These make or breaks your ring.
  2. Pay attention to the cut more than the other 3cs. The cut decides the reflection of light from the diamond. If your ring doesn’t have that it will look pretty dull.
  3. Know your budget but don’t get overwhelmed by it. You can spend as less or as much money on the ring as you want. But the price doesn’t decide its value, the intention and your love behind it does.
  4. You probably want your engagement ring to be unique, so go for a ring made with lab created diamonds as no lab created diamond is similar to another.
  5. Order your ring in advance and make sure you have enough time to choose the perfect one.
  6. There is a fair chance that your partner isn’t a fan of your jewelry choices. So make sure you pick a ring which you know both of you are going to like. Come on common ground when it comes to this one.
  7. Know your metal. If you like gold more than platinum then go for it. Don’t get stuck in the mainstream stuff. Choose the best according to you.

These are the 7 most important facts you should know before buying that special ring for your loved one. But remember, if your dream ring is out of your budget right now you can always upgrade it in the future. Yes, it is a thing to change the engagement ring on upcoming anniversaries. So, choose the best with what you have right now and make sure to have a shining engagement. We wish you the best.

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