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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Get 10% off on all pieces with code 'SURPRISE'
SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Get 10% off on all pieces with code 'SURPRISE'

Explore the Collection of Blue, Pink, and Yellow Diamonds

One of the most sought after and thought of jewels in the world are diamonds. Be it natural/mined or lab grown, diamonds are famous for their beauty, and it's not a thing to be surprised after all if they cost so much. When diamond miners come across special stones, they examine them first and decide if they are the ones!

Most diamonds found inside the Earth are used for industrial purposes.

Did you know? Only 5% of the stones found in the mines are suitable for jewelry we find these days. Out of this 5%, some of them have special colors. We call them colored diamonds.

Similar to mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds also come in different and vibrant colors. Lab grown pink diamonds along with blue, green, purple, yellow, and orange is some of the popular shades found in the lab grown diamonds.

Want to explore colored diamonds with New World Diamonds? Here are some fancy shades available with us right now…

Lab Grown Blue Diamonds

Blue, the color of wisdom, royalty, and prestige. With a wide variety of blue gemstones found such as blue sapphires and aquamarine, the blue color is also popular in diamonds. The blue diamond is formed when the diamond comes in contact with Boron which gets stuck in the crystal's structure. Chemically speaking, when a boron atom is present in the diamond, one of its four carbon elements has an unused electron. This electron then absorbs red light. The light that passes through the boron-affected diamond comes out blue.

Lab grown blue diamonds are also created in a safe controlled environment which makes them one of the rarest diamonds around the world.

Lab Grown Pink Diamonds

Did you know, we still have not out found why the natural pink diamonds get their color? But one of the theories suggests that diamonds get their pink color due to the additional pressure they face due to various natural phenomenon. Lab grown pink diamonds are the most beautiful lab grown diamonds and they are more in quantity than the pink ones found in nature - only 500 of them are available from natural sources.

Lab Grown Yellow Diamonds

Yellow colored diamonds are rare indeed and when they come in fancy shades, they get rarer. A similar principle goes with the lab grown yellow diamonds. When the yellow diamond shade comes closer to the Z range, they get lab grown fancy yellow diamonds. The color of these diamonds shines more.

At New World Diamonds, we keep it simple, we have colored diamonds in 10 different shades. Want to explore our collection? Visit our lab grown colored diamonds collection here.

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