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Everything about the Sensational Lesedi La Rona Diamond

Diamonds are among the most popular gemstones found on earth. Their brilliance and unique characteristic make them one of the go-to stones for jewelry and gemstone lovers. But do you know that apart from the beautiful diamonds that you find at a gemstone or jewelry seller, there are numerous fascinating diamonds found across the globe that are astounding in every way?

These diamonds are not like ordinary diamonds that weigh between 1 to 5 carats, but they are huge and one of a kind. This makes these diamonds rare and valuable; hence they are often presented at auctions where they are sold in millions of dollars. One such diamond is the Lesedi La Rona Diamond.

Lesedi La Rona – A Phenomenal Diamond

The Lesedi La Rona Diamond was found in Botswana in the year 2015 in Karowe Mine. It is the fourth largest diamond ever found on earth and was previously known as Karowe AK6 or Quad 1. Lesedi La Rona is a type IIa colorless diamond that was mined using Large Diamond Recovery XRT machines. This diamond is assessed to be about 2.5 billion years old.

In 2017 the British jeweler Graff bought the rough diamond for a beaming $53 million and had it cut and designed into an emerald-cut diamond which is now known as Graff Lesedi La Rona Diamond and weighs 302.37 carats. Lesedi La Rona is certified by GIA to be the largest highest clarity and color diamond and is also the world's largest square emerald-cut diamond.

The Making of the Breathtaking Diamond

Lesedi La Rona was precisely cut and polished by Graff and took more than 18 months of painstaking hard work to create a diamond that is known in history. To craft this huge diamond, it took expert analysis and state-of-the-art technology along with the hard work of an exceptionally skilled team that yielded a fabulous result.

Lesedi La Rona was first studied by the experts using highly advanced software that helped them look deep within the diamond and plot how it was going to be cut. The gemstone was initially cut using highly advanced lasers and once the rough diamond was ready, it took over hundreds of hours of polishing to achieve the smooth surface of this sensational diamond.

Diamonds like the Lesedi La Rona are found rarely around different corners of the world and are a dream of many. If you want to own a diamond similar to this incredible piece, then you can opt for a princess cut lab diamond that is precisely cut to emit remarkable brilliance. The lab grown colored diamonds at New World Diamonds are also a great choice if you like fancy diamonds that add a bling to your outfits. Treat yourself to a spectacular diamond today!

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