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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50

Engagement Rings Available on Different Colors Too!

Finding the right way to express your love for your significant other? Wondering if the engagement ring you pick will do justice to your eternal love? Lucky for you, we are now in an era where celebrities and others alike, are all swooning all over the rainbow palette of colored gemstones that make up the perfect jewelry. Yes, you read that right! The rules for a diamond ring are no longer confined to be traditional, classic and whites. Instead, it is now available in a wide spectrum of different color options.

Since diamonds last forever, it is imperative that when you do get so many different colored gemstones options, you put in careful and detailed thought into picking a diamond ring that best matches yours and your partner’s preference and sensibility. Be mindful that as one wears an engagement ring every day, its durability too is an important factor to consider.

These color options are not only limited to only naturally occurring diamonds, but also are available with any lab grown diamond ring. Be it Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Pink— each color signifies and convey a very unique message, so handpick one that will remind your partner of your love for them, every day. The greater appeal of a colored diamond ring is the exclusivity it brings to you. It is not the generic white or colorless engagement ring that everyone is proposed with; it is a uniqueness it adds to the fingers that not just displays the commitment to your partner, it is also a constant reminder of the more thoughtful and timeless fashion choices one like to keep up with.

However, most naturally- occurring diamonds are available in a secondary color and sparingly found in pure hue. Their complex make up leaves them to carry overtone colors. This is rarely the case though with lab-grown diamond ring. They gives you the chance to personalize your engagement ring without compromising on the exclusivity, playfulness of the colors and the timelessness of diamonds. While narrowing down on the style and design may be overwhelming, and a somewhat scary experience, rest assured that the colorful options that are available would make the choice much easier!

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