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Engagement Ring Settings: How to Pick the Perfect One

Engagement Ring Settings: How to Pick the Perfect One - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Are you looking to buy a perfect wedding or engagement ring for your partner? Buying an engagement ring for your beloved partner is a big decision that can sometimes be challenging and overwhelming. You need to consider the diamond ring type and settings in advance. 

What engagement ring setting should you choose?

Often people become confused about whether they need to consider setting engagement rings or diamond shapes at first. Although it is your personal preference, if you decide on an engagement ring setting, you can easily decide the type of diamond shape that would best suit your finger.

Engagement ring settings

Once you know the diamond shape you want to buy, you can easily narrow down your option for Diamond ring settings. Round diamond stones are quite popular and go well with all engagement ring settings. For instance, hello settings go well for a cushion or round stones; similarly, the emerald cut center diamond will go well with solitaire-like diamond settings.

Engagement ring styles

If you want to buy a simple engagement ring style, you can consider a classic or solitaire ring for yourself. However, if you want to opt for enormous and stunning options, you can go for a pave setting with a large diamond stone center. You can also get a custom ring option to get the diamond ring look of your dream. If you have not decided on a diamond shape and want to buy ring style first, you have plenty of options. If you want to buy a ring that will show an active lifestyle, then you can go for low-profile diamond rings. If the diamond setting is higher, it will not get caught on something easily. If you want a Diamond setting that will protect your center diamond stone, then choose a higher ring setting style.

How should you choose between different ring settings?

There are plenty of styles that you can choose for your engagement ring setting. Halo engagement ring settings are quite popular these days. This setting will fit perfectly if you don't want a big diamond for yourself. Similarly, the solitaire engagement rings setting offers simplicity. If you want classic and simple Wedding ring settings for yourself, you can go for a solitaire ring setting. A cathedral setting is another option that will highlight the diamond stone and provide support to the diamond. A straightforward and classic diamond setting is the prong that holds the diamond in place. A bezel setting is similar to the Halo setting, which surrounds the diamond stone and consists of a small diamond similar to Halo. The bezel setting offers more protection to your diamond.

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