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Elongated Cushion Cuts: History, Ideas, and Designs

Elongated Cushion Cuts: History, Ideas, and Designs - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

What is an Elongated Cushion Cut?

The elongated cushion cut is a diamond shape that is characterized by its combination of the cushion cut’s soft, rounded corners and an elongated, rectangular, or oval-like outline. This unique blend of features creates a diamond that appears both classic and modern. The elongated cushion cut typically has larger facets, enhancing its brilliance and fire.

This shape has gained popularity for engagement rings and other jewelry due to its elegant and timeless appearance, as well as its ability to fit into various styles. These styles range from vintage to contemporary.

History of Elongated Cushion Cut

The history of elongated cushion cut diamonds is a fascinating journey that combines the art of gem cutting with changing tastes in jewelry design. They have undergone various transformations throughout history, resulting in the elongated cushion cut diamond we appreciate today.

Early Cushion Cuts

The cushion cut has roots that trace back to the 18th century. This makes is one of the oldest diamond shapes. Initially, these diamonds featured larger facets that were designed to enhance the gem’s brilliance under candlelight, which was the primary source of illumination during that era. The cushion cut’s name is derived from its resemblance to a cushion or pillow due to its softly rounded edges.

Rose Cut Influence

In the 19th century, the rose cut played a significant role in shaping the cushion cut. During this time, cushion-cut diamonds evolved to incorporate a pavilion with fewer, larger facets, a characteristic of the rose cut. This design choice aimed to optimize the diamond’s brilliance and fire while also accommodating the available technology for gem cutting.

Early 20th-Century Refinements

As diamond-cutting techniques improved, cushion cut diamonds gained a more standardized appearance. The early 20th century saw advances in cutting precision, leading to diamonds with more uniform shapes and facets. However, the cushion cut still retained its distinctive rounded corners and larger facets, preserving its vintage charm.

Ideas and Design of Elongated Cushion Cut

  1. Solitaire Elegance Diamond

You can embrace the simplicity and elegance of a solitaire setting. A single elongated cushion-cut diamond in a minimalist setting allows the beauty of the diamond to take center stage. Consider a classic prong or bezel setting to highlight the diamond’s shape.

  1. Halo Glamour

Surround the elongated cushion-cut diamond with a halo of smaller accent diamonds. This design adds sparkle and visual impact to the center stone while maintaining a vintage-inspired look.

  1. Three-Stone Diamond Ring

You can get a captivating three-stone ring with an elongated cushion-cut center diamond flanked by two smaller side stones. This arrangement of gemstones offers symbolism and adds a touch of glamor to the design.

  1. Split Shank Sophistication

You can opt for a split shank band that elegantly cradles the elongated cushion-cut diamond. This design choice adds a modern twist while emphasizing the diamond’s elongated shape.

  1. Vintage Filigree

You can incorporate intricate filigree or scrollwork patterns into the setting for a vintage-inspired feel. These delicate details complement the romantic allure of the elongated cushion cut.

  1. Colored Gemstone Accents

Combine the beauty of an elongated cushion-cut diamond with colorful gemstone accents, such as sapphires, emeralds, or rubies, for a striking and personalized design. These elongated cushion cut diamonds are perfect for making engagement rings.

  1. East-West Orientation

One of the best designs of elongated cushion cut diamond is the east-west setting. Set the elongated cushion-cut diamond horizontally rather than the traditional vertical orientation. This unique touch adds a contemporary flair to the design.

  1. Bezel Modernity

While choosing an elongated cushion cut, opt for a sleek bezel setting that offers a modern and minimalist look while providing excellent protection for the edges of the elongated cushion-cut diamond.

  1. Vintage Milgrain

Add a touch of vintage charm with milgrain detailing along the edges of the setting. This delicate beading enhances the overall design and adds some texture to the ring.

  1. Mixed Metal Design

You can mix different metals to get a unique design. Combine different metals such as white gold and rose gold, to create contrast. It highlights the beauty of the elongated cushion-cut diamond.

  1. Pave Design

Adorn the band with pave-set diamonds for added brilliance and glamor. This design choice complements the larger facets of the elongated cushion cut. It is one of the best designs of the elongated diamond cut.

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