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Does the Color of a Diamond Affect Its Clarity? Let's Find Out.

Diamonds come in different colors and shapes and their clarity is influenced by the cut and color they have. Different people have varied tastes when it comes to colors and clarity. Some prefer color over clarity while others prefer it the other way round. New World Diamonds offer a wide variety of colors and sparkling man-made diamonds that accentuate your aura and add to your charm.

The color and clarity of diamonds are major factors to ponder on when choosing your perfect diamond jewelry. Lab-grown diamond clarity and its compelling color can be tossed back and forth in your mind when picking your ideal piece.

What is a Diamond’s Clarity?

A diamond’s clarity is measured in terms of tiny blemishes which are visible to the naked eye or when magnified ten times. The scale of clarity measurement ranges from ‘Flawless to Included’. Diamonds come in different colors wherein white-color diamonds have four colors ranging from D-Z. Other colors they come in are red, blue, green and more. A white colorless diamond of the highest grade has the maximum brilliance and radiates the greatest light and is often the highest valued stone as compared to other grades and colors.

How is Clarity Related to Color

Diamonds are available in different colors ranging from blue, green to yellow and more. These colors can at times affect the clarity of diamonds. A tint of color impacts the brilliance as less natural light is reflected back to the eye. Such colors lower the clarity and radiance of the diamond. This makes a colorless diamond the most expensive piece as no color makes it the highest shining stone that features maximum radiance.

As said earlier, diamonds fall in the range of D-Z and as you proceed towards the Z grade color of stones, you can see an increase in the yellowish tint in the stone. The yellowish the diamonds become the less radiant and shiny it appears.

For the fancy-colored stones, colors in diamonds are graded as faint to fancy-deep. The fancy deep-colored diamonds are the most sought after being dark and intense. While the faint grade appears to be slightly colored. For faint graded yellow diamonds these are comparatively inexpensive. These colors are imparted to diamonds through a natural phenomenon and some diamonds are created in laboratories by mimicking those phenomena. 

Having said that, we all are now pretty clear about which grade and colored diamond to go for. Ideally, we should choose D-grade diamonds they are the brightest and offer maximum radiance. As we proceed down from there, the prices reduce and the yellow hue increases. For the best, clear and compelling pieces do visit our collection at New World Diamonds and check out our ultra-glamorous stones to brighten up your beauty and radiance.

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