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Different Ring Styles that Will Suit Your Fingers

Selecting an engagement ring can be a task for most brides and grooms if you aren’t so sure about the ring shape. Having an engagement ring that looks gorgeous and suits your finger the most is a dream of every person who is getting married. It’s been quite some time now since diamond engagement rings have become a thing. People are seen investing in lab created diamonds for their engagement ring. Lab-created diamonds provide a wide range of options for you to choose from. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and carats. You will also find various, incredibly beautiful colored diamonds through which you can create a ring of your own. Now, are you tempted yet to get your finger a ring suitable enough or shall we keep going? Well, if you are engrossed and all ears, we have some amazing ring shape recommendations for you that will suit different types of fingers so you can choose one that suits you the best. Let’s get started, shall we? 

  1. Oval shape - Short fingers

For all the ladies who have short fingers, it will be great if you choose a ring that will enhance your fingers and make them look a little longer. There are several ring shapes that will help you do so. Some of them are oval, marquise, and pear-cut diamond cuts. These diamond types will create an illusion of length if you will keep your nails longer if at all it is suitable for you. A pear-cut-shaped diamond ring is universally flattering as it will give an elongated effect to your fingers.

  1. Princess cut diamond shape - Long fingers

Well, lucky are those who already are blessed with long fingers. It is, indeed, very easy for you to pick a ring as almost every ring will look astonishing on those fingers. But, if you are willing to try something unique and out of your comfort zone, you can opt for snake design diamond rings. These are in trend these days and will make you look trendy as well. Along with princess cut, you can also choose round cut diamond rings as they will look very subtle and flattering on your fingers.

  1. Pear-cut diamond shape - Slim fingers

For all the ladies who have short but slender fingers, you can always opt for a narrow marquise or a pear-cut diamond-shaped ring. It will make your hand look very graceful and pretty. Also, try and avoid smaller stone settings to get an illusion of width. It will only make it look a little offbeat. You can also consider a narrow gemstone solitaire ring.

  1. Cluster style rings - Wide fingers

It is understandable why people with wide fingers hesitate while making a purchase. We have some recommendations for you so that you can shop freely, without worrying. The trick here is to avoid narrow stones as there are chances of too much skin being revealed from both sides. Looking for larger round stones or cluster rings will be an ideal choice. This will give you a very slimming effect. If you are keen on creating an illusion of slimmer fingers, emerald-cut diamond rings will also help you do so. You can also opt for a bigger diamond in a halo setting and it will look just perfect on your finger.

  1. Heart-shaped diamond ring- Small hands

Opting for a setting that will keep the diamond in proportion to your hands is a smart choice for those who have small hands. Super delicate rings won’t look as flattering on larger hands as on small hands. If you want to create a chunkier look, you can also go for a wedding band and pair it with a delicate ring. Layering is a trend these days; why not keep up with it?

  1. Cocktail ring styles- Big hands

Delicate rings aren’t made for you. It will look as if you are wearing a toy ring if you wear small, delicate rings. So do not be afraid to choose a ring that is funky and speaks about you. You can always go for rings that are bold and big enough so that your hands look amazing. Look for stones that are large. Avoid thin bands.

These were some shapes of the diamonds that will suit your hands and fingers. Take these points into consideration and we are sure that your hands will look very pretty if you get the right-shaped diamond ring. Get your hands on the most beautiful lab-grown diamond rings at New World Diamonds and you won’t be disappointed. They have a collection like no other and are authentic as well. From colored diamonds to white, they have it all. Not only this but you can also customize your rings. They are well equipped and well known so they can guide you throughout your indulgence. Get your hands on the ring that will make your fingers and hands look flawless and beautiful today. We want the best for you. Your desired ring awaits you.

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