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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50
SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50
Diamonds by Design: The Marvels of Lab-Created Diamonds - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Diamonds by Design: The Marvels of Lab-Created Diamonds

With unmatched spark and timeless design, lab grown diamonds will make you fall in love with them, even before you know it.

Here's a warning: reading this might make lab-grown diamonds your beloved, and you may fall for their unrivaled sparkle and timeless allure.

Diamonds have traditionally been associated with natural, earth-formed gemstones. However, the jewelry industry has witnessed a fascinating transformation with the advent of lab created diamonds. This gems are often referred to as synthetic or man-made diamonds.

What Is a Lab Created Diamond?

Lab grown diamonds are gems that are grown in controlled environments, such as a laboratory, using advanced technological processes. They share the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as natural diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are composed of carbon atoms arranged in a crystal lattice structure, just like their natural counterparts. The key distinction lies in their origin: one is formed within the Earth's mantle, while the other is nurtured meticulously by human ingenuity.

Are Lab Created Diamonds Real?

This question often surfaces in discussions surrounding diamonds lab created. The answer to this question lies in the intrinsic qualities that define the essence of a diamond.

Lab-created diamonds, while not naturally mined, are unquestionably real diamonds. This statement hinges on several factors:

  1. Chemical Composition:

  • These gems are composed of pure carbon atoms arranged in a crystal structure, just like natural diamonds. Their identical chemical composition makes them real diamonds.
  1. Hardness:

  • Lab-grown diamonds exhibit the same exceptional hardness as natural diamonds, scoring a perfect 10 on the Mohs scale. They are capable of withstanding wear and tear, contributing to their status as genuine diamonds.
  1. Brilliance and Fire:

  • The stunning brilliance, dispersion, and scintillation of lab-grown diamonds are virtually indistinguishable from their natural counterparts. They capture and refract light in the same breathtaking manner.
  1. Durability:

  • These diamonds are known for their exceptional durability, making them suitable for everyday wear and a testament to their authenticity.

Do Lab-Created Diamonds Test as Real?

Lab-created diamonds, with their near-identical characteristics, indeed test as real diamonds. Here are some of the standard tests used to confirm the authenticity of diamonds:

  1. Hardness Test: Diamonds are renowned for their exceptional hardness, and both natural and lab-created diamonds score a perfect 10 on the Mohs scale. This means they are equally resistant to scratching, further confirming their authenticity.

  1. Diamond Tester: A specialized diamond tester measures the electrical conductivity of a gemstone. While not foolproof, as moissanite can also register as a diamond on some testers, this method is often used in conjunction with other tests to confirm a diamond's authenticity.

  1. Inspection by Gemologists: Skilled gemologists can closely examine a diamond under magnification to detect unique features, inclusions, or growth patterns that might indicate whether it is natural or lab-created.

Lab-created diamonds, while distinct in their origin, are unequivocally real diamonds. They exhibit the same remarkable physical, chemical, and optical properties that have captivated hearts for centuries.

These dazzling gems, nurtured through human ingenuity, offer a more ethical, environmentally friendly, and budget-conscious alternative to their natural counterparts.

Here are some of our stunning lab-grown diamond designs you'd consider adding to your cart! Are you looking for lab created diamonds price? Our bespoke designs come at the best rates!

Marissa Ring - 1/2 Ct. T.W.

An exquisite symbol of your love, this lab-grown diamond band is for your wedding day, an anniversary, or simply an affectionate "just because" gesture. This ring showcases a stunning design with a row of brilliant F-G color, VS-SI clarity lab-grown diamonds, totaling an impressive 1/2 carat in weight.

Mallory Solitaire Setting

This timeless solitaire setting boasts an impressive six-prong design, elegantly crafted in a lustrous gold band with a high-polish finish.

Beatrice Earrings 1.00 Ct. T.W.

Make a stunning impression with these dangling earrings featuring a total weight of 1.00 carat in lab-grown diamonds. Crafted in 14K white gold, each earring, secured with a lever-back clasp, showcases I-J color lab-grown diamonds at the center, surrounded by a brilliant VS-SI clarity lab-grown diamond halo.

Melina Earrings 2.00 Ct. T.W.

Captivate onlookers with these enchanting dangle earrings adorned with lab-grown diamond flower designs. Meticulously crafted in 14K gold, each flower elegantly suspends from a French hook earring, adorned with brilliant round-cut lab-grown diamonds boasting I-J color and VS-SI clarity.

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