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FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING on orders over $50

Design your own lab-created diamond engagement ring with New World Diamonds!

Design your own lab-created diamond engagement ring with New World Diamonds! - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

By choosing a new world diamonds, you can design your own engagement ring as per your dream. The expert team of new world diamonds will work closely with you so that they can turn your idea or picture into reality. You need to discuss your opinions and options in detail so that the jewelry specialists can assist you in getting the perfect center stone and design per your budget and goals. Only when customers are happy with the jewelry specialists' design, and a certain deposit is finalized and settled, the expert jewelry craftsman starts creating your personalized engagement ring. 


Consultation with the team 

To design your own lab created diamond ring, you need to contact the new world diamonds team and discuss your goals and requirements. You can also get a free quotation to understand whether the engagement ring will suit your budget. Custom-made wedding and engagement rings are generally overpriced in the market, which is why it becomes financially stressful for most people who want to get the custom-made engagement ring of their dream. At new world diamonds, you can get your dream personalized engagement ring without breaking the bank, and the team will help you achieve your goals within your limits. You just need to explain your idea to the designers, who will also offer you additional suggestions to enhance your ring's look.



Designing your wedding or engagement ring helps you get a ring that suits your style and unique personality. However, buying a diamond ring for yourself is a one-time experience in a lifetime. So you should always choose reliable lab-created diamond companies such as new world diamonds, where you get highly creative and skilled master Jewelers and gemologist designers and their expert help. The team will help you to create your own custom-made engagement ring and make any necessary adjustments if required. You can also get a 3D image of your design and view it from all angles. 



As the master jeweler of new world diamonds completes making custom engagement rings, they will keep you updated on the progress of your ring. You get the ultimate ring of your dream by choosing new world diamonds. Lab created diamond rings are similar to mined diamonds, costing less than mined diamonds. They’re also ethically sourced and come with no environmental hazards, which is why lab grown diamonds are the best choice for every girl. You can contact new world diamonds today and get your dream custom diamond ring and jewelry.

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