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Common FAQs About Lab Grown Diamonds

Before investing in anything, be it a $1 item or something worth $1000, we do our research keeping in mind the thought that we don’t want to get fooled. That is a smart decision. No matter how well you are doing financially, you need to do the homework before you put in your hard-earned money.

The same goes for lab-grown diamonds. Not many people are aware of what these types of diamonds are. They tend to get a little confused. To clear your doubts and questions about lab-created diamonds, this is an article that will help you. We, at New World Diamonds, have mentioned some commonly asked questions about lab-grown diamonds and answered them in a simple manner so as to help you in every way possible. Some doubts or questions should not hold you back from investing in something so gorgeous that you deserve, right?

  1. Are lab-grown diamonds real diamonds?

Yes, they are real. The only difference that exists is that lab-created diamonds are created in a laboratory with the help of some technical processes. One of these processes is high-pressure high-temperature.

  1. How are lab-created diamonds grown?

These CVD diamonds are grown in a laboratory. A seed is placed in a vacuum chamber and heated at high temperature. Then carbon gas is disposed of in the chamber, hence the molecules get separated and a diamond is formed.

  1. How are lab diamonds better for earth?

Lab-grown diamonds are eco-friendly and do not cause any harm to nature. They are produced safely in a laboratory under expert supervision to yield a real and brilliant diamond. Besides, they are conflict-free.

  1. How to tell if a particular diamond is natural or a lab-created one?

There are some at-home tips and tricks that you can look up online. If done in a proper manner, you can easily tell if your diamond is a natural or a lab-created diamond.

  1. Does opting for lab-grown diamond save money?

Yes! Investing in a lab-created diamond will save up to 40% of your money. They are legitimate and are pocket-friendly. What more do you want?

These were some of the highly asked questions that we thought are worth answering. New World Diamonds is one online diamond seller that is legitimate and will give you nothing but the best. We have a wide range of diamonds that you are looking for. Visit us for some head-turning diamonds. We hope that these questions have cleared your doubts about lab-grown diamonds and made you quite eager to invest in one!

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