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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50
Colored Diamonds for Every Budget

Colored Diamonds for Every Budget: Exploring Options for Different Pockets

Here's our all-encompassing guide to finding a bright, radiant, and colorful spark. Read on.

Lab-grown colored diamonds are a big deal in jewelry. They're made in labs and are just like natural ones but better for the environment.

These diamonds are changing how people think about buying jewelry. They're made in a way that's kinder to the Earth and to the people who work in the diamond industry.

Everyone loves lab-grown, natural-colored diamonds that look clear, just like the ones that come from mines. But there's also a whole world of colored diamonds that are catching people's eyes. These diamonds come in all colors, from classic clear to ones you might not expect.

Let's talk about why these colored lab-grown diamonds are so cool and why more and more folks choose them for their jewelry.

The vibrant and sparkling colored diamonds

Colored lab-grown diamonds are meticulously crafted in controlled lab settings, mimicking the natural processes found deep within the Earth. By carefully introducing specific trace elements during growth, scientists can produce a stunning array of colors. This precise control over coloration offers endless possibilities, enabling the creation of captivating fancy-colored diamonds that capture hearts without breaking the bank.

The range of colors available in lab-grown diamonds is truly breathtaking, offering boundless options for those seeking a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece. Let's explore some of the colored lab-created diamonds that have captivated the jewelry world.

  • Blue lab-grown diamonds span from delicate icy tones to deeper oceanic hues, offering versatility and a serene charm.

  • For those drawn to a more feminine palette, pink lab-grown diamonds offer various shades, from soft pastels to intense pinks, evoking romance and femininity.

  • Yellow lab-grown diamonds exude warmth and positivity, with shades ranging from light lemon to vibrant canary yellow, adding a touch of sunshine to any jewelry design.

  • Green lab-grown diamonds offer a spectrum from subtle mossy tones to rich forest hues, providing vibrant color options for jewelry enthusiasts.

  • Purple lab-grown diamonds, long associated with royalty, offer accessible elegance in various shades, making a regal statement in any jewelry piece.

  • Orange lab-grown diamonds burst with energy and vibrancy, from soft apricot tones to intense tangerines, making for captivating and unique additions to jewelry collections.

Fancy-colored diamonds can instantly elevate your jewelry collection, offering a wide range of hues to complement your outfits and enhance your overall style.

The Game of Tones: Our Best Sellers

Skylar Ring: 1 1/5 ct. T.W.

This ring has a beautiful design, with a big blue lab-grown diamond in the middle and smaller white lab-grown diamonds around it. It's made of 14-karat white gold. The big blue diamond is one carat, and there are also 1/5 carats of white diamonds.

Adrianna Ring: 1 1/6 Ct. T.W.

This engagement ring has a band made of 14K rose gold. It's decorated with lab-grown diamonds, alternating between white and pink, totaling 1/6 carat in weight. The centerpiece is a certified 1.0-carat pink lab-grown diamond.

Lola Ring, 0.80 ct. T.W.

Our exquisite Lola ring, crafted in 14k rose gold, showcases a mesmerizing 0.80 carat emerald-cut lab-created pink diamond, radiating brilliance from its center. With its polished finish, this ring is sure to be a timeless favorite, cherished for years to come.

When it comes to selecting the perfect colored lab-grown diamond, the possibilities are endless, and there are no strict rules to follow.

Consider choosing a color that aligns with current trends or complements your everyday style. Since lab-grown diamonds are affordable, feel free to experiment with different colors until you find the one that resonates with you.

In addition to natural-colored diamonds, pay attention to factors like cut, clarity, and carat weight to achieve your desired outcome.

At New World Diamonds, you'll discover a vast selection of lab-grown fancy-colored diamonds that suit every budget. Explore our inventory online and find the diamond that speaks to you.

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