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Celebrity Engagement Ring Trends

Everything that revolves around celebrities is admired by millennials and millions of us! Their beauty, their relationships, their red carpet appearances, and of course, their engagement rings, we all love to discover the hidden and what lies in the closet! 

Engagement ring settings donned by celebrities these days are becoming a thing to talk about. These extravagant and astronomically priced diamond rings are sight enough to lure us into their enticing spark and beholding charm. But guess what? You, too, can slip a ring of a similar kind provided you know the trending designs and their values. Sounds expensive, right? We have a solution for that too. Lab-grown diamonds, with their affordable nature, make it convenient for you to sport your best-loved diamonds and not to mention, in the most ethical way!

Set your facial expression to "stunned" as you discover the most regal and exquisite designs that might just inspire your favorite cut:

  1. Jasmine Tookes Engagement Ring

Juan David Borrero, a long-time boyfriend, proposed to Victoria's Secret famous model Jasmine Tookes with a sparkling surprise engagement in the Utah desert in September 2020. Borrero proposed to his partner with an oval-cut diamond ring from Ritani estimated to be around $250,000.

  1. Brittany Matthews Sterling Band

Patrick Mahomes proposed to his love, Brittany Matthews, in September 2020 during their Super Bowl ring ceremony. The football star proposed to her partner with a shimmering brilliant-cut diamond with a pavé split-shank band.

  1. Jennifer Lopez’s Emerald Cut

 It was only a stint of time before J.Lo and A-Rod would finally decide to get tied forever. In March 2019, during a lovely beachside getaway, the former pro baseball player proposed with an eye-grabbing 15-to-20-carat emerald-cut diamond that reportedly set him back at least $1 million.

Jennifer Lopez on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on February 13, 2019. Randy Holmes/Getty Images; Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

  1. Katy Perry’s Shimmering Flower Ring

Orlando Bloom, on Valentine's Day, proposed to Katy Perry with a perfect flower-shaped ring in a room that had their family, friends, and heart-shaped balloons. The ring was encrusted with diamonds in. a flowery fashion, brilliant enough to turn heads lurking for its glamorous gaze.

Haven't your mind gone for a toss, with your heart salivating to get your hands on these incredible pieces of love? Man made diamond rings are 30%-40% less priced as compared to mined diamonds, realizing your dream of owning a diamond ring, thus making you a proud owner of a sustainably produced shimmer.

Hoping that you are inspired by these coveted pieces, we suggest you pick your scintillation that is responsibly sourced and has an enigmatic appeal. The Helen Ring from New World Diamond’s Vintage collection is as swoon-worthy and romantic as they come.

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