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Buy A Brown Diamond Engagement Ring

Brown Diamonds stones were considered cheap and inferior gemstones at one point in time; however, the scenario has completely changed, and they are considered highly sought-after gemstones in the present decade. Brown diamonds are typically and commonly affordable, and if the color of the diamond is clear and intense, they will look more stunning. Brown diamonds make an excellent stone for bridal sets and jewelry, so they are an ideal option for couples looking for the best alternative to an engagement ring stone.

Are brown diamonds stylish?

Brown diamonds were considered inferior in the past, so they were not stylish and valuable from the point of view of many. But this notion has transformed completely today. Since Hollywood celebrities started flaunting their brown diamonds, their demand and popularity began increasing. For instance, Rihanna wore a chocolate diamond necklace worth $ 1,30,000 at Grammys 2018, which made headlines. These diamonds are worn on the red carpet and worn by many celebrities. This is why brown diamonds are an alternative and stylish gemstone comparable to white-colored diamonds.

How do brown diamonds get their color from?

The most common question people wonder is how a diamond can be brown. The natural color for diamonds having no inclusion is colorless and crystal clear color gemstones. However, when inclusions are present in diamonds, they come in certain hues. These are the inclusions that give diamonds their specific colors, which can range from faint light to intense, fancy colors. The presence of nitrogen elements in diamonds gives them a brown hue. Natural brown fancy color diamonds are created due to nitrogen molecules present in the diamond along with light which is absorbed via certain structural defects at the time of the formation of the stone. The presence of impurities and inclusions in the formation and structure of diamonds gives them a brown hue. The intensity color level grades of brown diamonds are faint, light, very light, fancy, fancy light, intense, dark, deep, and fancy. The price also rises with the increase in the color intensity level of diamonds.

What is the best alternative for natural brown diamonds?

Natural brown diamonds are a budget-friendly option compared to other colored diamonds; however, if you are on a tight budget, you can also get better, less expensive alternatives such as Brown Lab Grown Diamonds, which are grown in labs and are virtually identical to their natural counterparts. Brown diamonds are a common fancy-colored diamond that has recently garnered good attention because of their different symbolic interpretation and meanings. It is always advisable to choose a trustworthy and reputable retailer when buying lab grown diamonds for yourself.

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