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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50
Best Diamond Heart Earrings for Sparkly Look - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Best Diamond Heart Earrings for Sparkly Look

Diamond heart earrings are one of the most trending earrings ever. Brides-to-be often go for this design. Heart earrings are a type of jewelry that feature heart-shaped designs. They can be made from a lot of different metals. These materials include gold, silver, platinum, etc. One of the most trending stones for heart earrings is ruby. However, diamonds are also a popular choice among youth.

Diamond heart earrings also come in a variety of styles. These styles include studs, hoops, drop earrings, and more. These diamond earrings can also be simple and elegant styles. Girls also go for elaborate and ornate styles. The style of diamond heart earrings can vary. People buy this piece of jewelry depending on their personal preferences. Usually, girls use diamond heart earrings for romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries, and weddings. Diamond heart earrings can also be worn on everyday occasions.

Heart Earrings:

Diamond Heart Earrings:

Girls can don diamond flower earrings or diamond heart earrings with casual dresses, as well as traditional dresses. At New World Diamonds, you can find the best diamond heart earrings. Diamond flower earrings are quite a trending design and thus can be found at any jewelry store. You can buy these earrings online too. The diamond heart earrings come in a range of prices. They can come at affordable prices and high-end prices as well.

Factors to Consider While Buying Diamond Heart Earrings

While buying diamond heart earrings, you must consider your budget first. If you have a budget fixed in your mind, it will become easy for you to purchase a set of earrings. If you don’t have a fixed budget, the process of buying a diamond heart earring or diamond flower earring can become confusing.

Cut of the diamond is another factor that you must consider. If the cut of the diamond earring is perfect, it will have a good refractive index. The cut of the diamond contains various sub-factors, including crown height, total depth, pavilion angle, crown angle, pavilion depth, culet, girdle thickness, star length, and table size. If these factors are top-notch, the diamond will have excellent brilliance and fire.

Carat weight is another factor that you need to consider while buying an earring. If the carat weight is too much, the earring can become heavy. This may cause discomfort to you. If you are buying diamond heart earrings for everyday use, make sure that you pick up a piece that is comfortable. If you are buying these diamond heart earrings or diamond flower earrings for a certain occasion, a high-carat weight can work.

The color of the diamond is another feature that you should definitely check before making a purchase. Very few diamonds are truly colorless. The rest of the diamonds come in multiple shades of yellow. The shades of diamonds are bifurcated into 11 categories. These categories include colorless, near colorless, near colorless slightly tinted, faint yellow, very light yellow, light yellow, and yellow. Colorless diamonds are the most valuable, whereas diamonds with yellow shades are not very pricy. The scale of diamonds ranges from D to Z. At New World Diamonds, we suggest our clients to buy diamonds that fall between D and I.

While diamonds are forming, they undergo high pressure and temperature. During this time, if a carbon atom is contaminated with gases like nitrogen and boron, it will turn into colored diamonds. Sometimes there are also inclusions and blemishes, This can drop the price of diamonds significantly. There is a scale on which inclusions and blemishes are determined. It ranges from Loupe clean to Pique. Loupe Clean is also called Flawless. Make sure you consider all the factors before you make the purchase.

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