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Best Diamond Gifts Under $300

Best Diamond Gifts Under $300 - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Diamonds can make the best gifts. If you want to give a memorable gift to someone special, diamonds are the best gifts. Diamonds are a sign of luxury. Diamonds are used during wedding ceremonies in wedding bands. Diamonds are also called a girl’s best friend. It is also traditionally used to celebrate marriage anniversaries. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the best diamond jewelry gifts under $300

Best Diamond Gifts Under $300 

  1. Ivanna Earrings ¼ Ct. T.W. IGI Certified

Ivanna earrings are some of the best diamond earrings that you can gift to your special someone. It is made from a ¼-carat diamond. It can come in a gold base or a silver base. White gold and yellow gold are used to make these earrings. The diamond used in these earrings are certified by the International Gemological Institute. If you want to gift someone a diamond under $300, it is one of the best gifts. 

  1. Mina Earrings ¼ Ct. T.W.

Mina Earrings come with a ¼ carat weight diamond. These earrings are simple, classic, and petite. Mina earrings are solitaire stud earrings that can be worn on any occasion. They are great for everyday usage. These earrings feature brilliant princess cut diamonds. The color of these diamond come under I to J. A four-prong basket is used to hold the diamonds in place. It also features a 14-carat gold setting. It has a screw-back setting. This diamond jewelry can be gifted to your special someone.  

  1. Joelle Earrings 0.40 Ct. T.W. 

Joelle Earrings are classy and petite. The diamond that this earring feature is a brilliant round lab-grown diamond. It is a solitaire martini-style stud earring. It falls under the I-J color range. It also has VS-SI clarity. The round lab-grown diamond is held in place by a three-prong martini-style glass. This earring is made of 14K gold. It has two variants: yellow gold and white gold. The diamond that these earrings feature are 0.40-carat diamonds. It is one of the best gifts under $300. These earrings are best for everyday use. You can also wear these earrings on special occasions due to the classy diamond it features.  

  1. Averie Earrings carat T.W. 

Averie earrings look strong and beautiful. These earrings feature a carat diamond. These diamonds are round lab-grown diamonds. They fall under the F-G color category. These gorgeous arrow-shaped earrings are made up of 14K gold. It can come in yellow gold or white gold, depending on your preference. The earring is secured with a butterfly back. It has a beautiful design that is quite unique. Averie earrings are some of the best diamond jewelry gifts under $300.

  1. Paw Earrings ¼ Ct. T.W. 

As the name suggests, paw earrings come in the shape of a paw. It is the best gift for those who love pets like dogs or cats. It features ¼ carat diamonds. Each paw of this earring features diamonds that fall in the F-G color category. Paw earrings are extremely beautiful and cute. These earrings can be worn every day. You can also wear these paw earrings on special occasions. These earrings come in white gold as well as yellow gold. You can give these earrings to your friends or your special someone.

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