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Affordable Fancy Colored Diamonds Within Your Budget

Affordable Fancy Colored Diamonds Within Your Budget - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

In this game of tones, New World Diamond's fancy-colored diamonds are the undisputed winner. Read on to know how.

Welcome to our guide to beautiful, fancy-color diamonds! Explore the captivating world of these stunning colored diamonds, renowned for their exquisite hues and timeless allure. Whether you're seeking the ideal engagement ring or a meaningful anniversary gift, join us as we delve into colored diamonds' history, significance, and allure. Learn why these diamonds hold such value in luxury jewelry, from their natural formation to their lab-created counterparts.

What are Colored Diamonds?

Colored diamonds are those with surfaces and pavilions that display hues other than white or colorless. In laboratories, they can be created in shades like chocolate, purple, red, blue, pink, yellow, and olive.

Olive and blue diamonds are often chosen for engagement rings and wedding bands because they are less valuable than other rare colors.

While the quality of fancy-colored diamonds remains consistent with colorless diamonds, their rarity and intensity of color greatly impact their cost. Therefore, prices vary depending on the specific color of the diamond.

How Are They Made?

Natural colored diamonds are not grown or treated but are naturally formed in mines. On the other hand, lab grown colored diamonds are artificially treated to change their colorless surface into vibrant hues like red, blue, and pink. It's important to note that both types of diamonds maintain the same quality and durability.

In fancy color lab-grown diamonds, the molecular structure of the carbon seed absorbs additional pressure and heat, transforming its appearance from plain white to elegant colors like champagne, blue, yellow, pink, red, and more.

The 4Cs of Colored Diamonds

Fancy colored diamonds are assessed based on the 4Cs: color, clarity, carat, and cut. These attributes help evaluate their light reflections, durability, and overall value, much like human characteristics.

Just like colorless diamonds, fancy color diamonds are graded on a scale.

They can range from Z+ grades (representing yellow color) and come in various shapes, clarities, carat weights, and cuts. When choosing a colored diamond for your wedding jewelry or surprise gifts, ensure the 4C grades are suitable for your preferences.

The Variety of Colored Diamonds

Yellow Lab Grown Diamond:

  • Lab-grown diamonds, including yellow ones, undergo laboratory testing for clarity and color grade percentages.

  • These diamonds exhibit a higher level of shine and luster compared to natural diamonds.

  • Available in fancy and flawless options with perfect clarity.

Orange Lab Grown Diamond:

  • Lab-grown diamonds, like orange ones, are graded for clarity and color grading proportions through laboratory testing.

  • These diamonds possess a superior shine and luster.

  • Fancy, flawless, and excellent clarity lab-grown orange diamonds are available for sale.

Pink Lab Grown Diamond:

  • Pink lab-grown diamonds have undergone testing to determine clarity and color grade rates.

  • They come in a variety of shades, and you can choose your preferred tone.

  • Lab-grown diamond manufacturers offer a wide range of options, including pink diamonds.

  • Sparkling luster and exemplary shine make them an attractive choice.

Blue Lab-Grown Diamond:

  • Blue lab-grown diamonds are gaining popularity and undergo testing for clarity and color grade rates.

  • Available in various colors and tones to suit individual preferences.

  • CVD diamonds are also easily accessible online.

Purple Lab-Grown Diamond:

  • Lab grown colored diamonds, like purple ones, have undergone laboratory testing for clarity and color grade percentage.

  • Available in different color options, including beautiful purple diamonds.

  • These diamonds exhibit more shine and luster than natural diamonds.

  • Fancy and flawless purple lab-grown diamonds with perfect clarity are available for sale.

Green Lab Grown Diamond:

  • The demand for green lab-grown diamonds is increasing, and they have undergone testing for clarity and color grade rates.

  • Offered in various options by lab-grown diamond manufacturers.

  • Sparkling luster and exemplary shine make them a desirable choice.

Red Lab Grown Diamond:

  • The demand for red lab-grown diamonds is significant, and they undergo testing for clarity and color grade rates.

  • Available in a variety of choices to suit individual preferences.

  • NWD Diamonds have a sparkling luster and perfect shine.

Browse Our Vibrant Diamond Designs

The Leona Ring - 0.90 Ct. T.W

Elevate your special day with this stunning heirloom-style ring featuring a royal blue lab-grown diamond set in 14K white gold. The halo design is accented with dazzling white lab-grown diamonds and milgrain detailing on the shank. With a total carat weight of 0.90, this ring offers timeless elegance.

Trudy Halo Engagement Ring

Exuding exceptional elegance, this stunning setting features a double-row halo in a cushion shape. Crafted in white gold or platinum, it showcases a 1 2/5 carat round green diamond in a magnificent diamond-lined elevated center, complemented by a white metal shank.

Ursula Ring - 1.80 Ct. T.W.

Crafted in 14K white gold, the lab grown colored diamond ring boasts a triple halo design featuring an orange lab diamond in a four-prong yellow gold mounting. Surrounding it are three frames of shimmering F-G VS-SI white lab diamonds that extend down the shank. With a total weight of 1.80 carats and a brilliant buffed luster, this ring is truly eye-catching.

Final Thoughts

Lab grown colored diamonds, also called synthetic diamonds, offer a unique and stunning alternative to natural colored diamonds. Created using advanced laboratory techniques, they possess the same physical and chemical properties as their natural counterparts. With advancements in technology, lab-grown colored diamonds can now be produced to closely resemble natural colored diamonds in appearance and quality.

Shop the finest quality diamonds at New World Diamonds, America's leading online lab-grown jewelry brand known for its unmatched workmanship, superior quality, and finest designs.

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