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A Guide to Different Pink Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

A Guide to Different Pink Diamond Engagement Ring Settings - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Your engagement day calls for some auspicious settings. Flowers, wine, gifts and theme, everything has to be charming and romantic. That dreamy ivory décor with a pianist playing soft romantic music, tables covered with lovely orchids and classic candles, the aura around must be nothing but beautiful. But wait, it seems like we missed something! Something really big and important! The most coveted piece of your cherished affair - your precious engagement ring!

Your Engagement Ring: The Most Coveted Piece

The most admired piece that captivates the feeling of your immortal love is your engagement ring. Your eternal companionship and the promise to hold on to each other despite setbacks is what your ring suggests, and we bet you wouldn’t want to compromise on the beauty of it.

The most trending and revered engagement ring is the pink diamond engagement ring that signifies how rare and precious your love is. A pink diamond engagement ring comes in various ring settings and designs to suit various finger types, and for you, we have curated some trending and chic pink diamond engagement ring settings that will help you pick the right one.

  • Prong Setting

The most classic ring setting wherein the diamond is held firm by prong from all four sides. This setting makes the diamond appear more prominent and clear. A simplistic and clean setting will make your pink diamond look more prominent, increasing the stone’s brilliance and shine.

  • The Tiffany Setting

A six-prong setting to maximize the shine and brilliance is a Tiffany setting. This diamond ring setting makes the diamond amplify light reflection as the diamond appears raised. Moreover, this is an easy to clean ring setting that will never run out of style.

  • The Bezel Setting

A thin metal rim encircles a diamond stone holding it tightly like a frame in the bezel setting. This ring keeps the pink diamond intact and is the most durable ring setting style preferred for its timeless and sophisticated look.

  • The Halo Setting

The halo setting makes a small diamond appear larger as it encircles a diamond around in a thick glittering frame. Be it round or square-shaped; any stone shape can be set in a halo style setting to make it look gorgeous and ethereal. A halo setting boosts the makeup of a ring with smaller sparkling stones around the center diamond, making it look brighter and lustrous. 

New World Diamond, a lab-grown diamond establishment, offers various lab-grown diamonds in trending and imperial ring settings. Moreover, we offer a customized ring settings feature that allows you to design your very own engagement ring as you like. Check out our page for attractive offers, including white diamond rings for sale, lab-grown necklaces for sale and more.

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