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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50

5 Tips for Lab-Grown Colour Diamonds Online in the USA

Do you fancy the glamour of fancy colored diamonds? Need your own pink, brown, and blue diamonds you have always imagined? These remarkable diamonds make great jewelry! In the event that you are picking up the right colored diamond classic engagement rings, what they are, and what colors you can choose – read on to know more.

Tip 1. Know what the fancy lab grown colored diamonds are.

Any fancy colored diamond is a normal diamond color that doesn't fall under 'normal color range' also known as the D-Z scale. Along these lines, any diamond that falls outside that reach is "fancy." This can imply that a fancy colored diamond has an obscure shade of yellow (now and then known as "canary") or brown (otherwise called "Champagne"). In any case, so many people consider "fancy" are diamonds that are totally unique in color.

Tip 2. Lab grown diamonds come in various colors.

Mined diamonds come in every color of the rainbow and black, brown, gray, and white too. There are also 'salt and pepper' diamonds. Typically, red and blue colored diamonds are the rare ones. The same thing happens with the lab grown diamonds too. They come in a variety of colors just like natural diamonds. According to lab conditions and impurities in the diamond seed decide the unique colors of the lab grown diamonds. Colored lab grown diamonds are cost-effective as other lab grown diamonds such as a classic white diamond. So, choosing a fancy colored diamond engagement ring is not so expensive as you may think.

Tip 3. Colored lab grown diamonds are real

 Well, there is no speculation with this point but to clear any doubts you may have, this one is an important thing to note while buying classic engagement rings with colored diamonds. Lab grown diamonds get their colors either due to unique lab conditions or additional mineral makeup. These conditions occur similarly under the Earth. So, indeed, lab grown fancy colored diamonds are real.

Tip 4. Not all colored diamonds are expensive

With natural diamonds, this is not true at all. Some colors in natural diamonds are expensive like red and pink. But, with lab grown diamonds this is true. Some colored diamonds like brown, green and red ones are almost equally prices like the classic white diamond. So, you don’t need to put more savings while buying fancy colored lab grown diamonds.

Tip 5. Red is the rarest color in colored diamonds

And so they are priced higher than any other color. You must have seen, almost every exotic and costly diamond in the world is Red. This is because red colored diamonds are rare and not easy to find (or create). At labs, where diamonds are grown using a real diamond seed, red diamonds are hard to create and thus they are a bit expensive than other rare and in-demand colored diamonds with colors like pink, blue, orange, green, and purple.

So, these are the 5 tips you should consider while buying any classic engagement rings or any other fancy diamond jewelry with lab grown diamonds.

But, we must say, these are not enough. We will be putting some extra tips and useful information for you in our upcoming articles. So, keep reading and keep exploring our beautiful collection of lab grown diamond jewelry at New World Diamonds.

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