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FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING on orders over $50

5 Reasons to Invest in a Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is one thing that you’d hold on to forever. The token of love and togetherness you want to definitely make sure that is something worth holding on to. Don’t you want to make the best choice when it comes to your engagement ring? We say invest in a Lab Grown Diamond. Why? Read on to know.

 Eco Friendly

Did you know Lab-grown diamonds are way more eco friendly than mined ones. Huge machinery and manpower are required to take out those diamonds. One more fact is that sulphur oxide which is a harmful chemical for humans is produced by mine diamonds, 30 pounds of it. And lab-grown diamonds produce none. Who wouldn’t want an ethically sourced diamond to shine bright in their wedding ring?

 One of a kind

Don’t you want your wedding ring diamond to be one of a kind? A lab-grown diamond is also unique like a mined diamond. As you might know, lab grown diamonds are also real diamonds. Based on the tiny fluctuations in the conditions each diamond is basically unique.

 Pocket Friendly

We all know that diamonds are mad expensive. So to save all that hard money for your wedding, make sure that you choose a wedding ring this is reasonably priced. Lab-grown diamonds despite being pure are cheaper than mined diamonds.

 Purest Form

Your relationship with your loved one is going to be a pure one, make sure your engagement ring holds the same purity. Lab-grown diamonds are not only cheaper but also purer than mined diamonds. With ten times more durability the future of diamonds is lab-grown.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Go with Everything

An engagement ring is something which a person wears for the rest of their life. So it’s important that it is something which goes with every outfit and looks. A lab-grown diamond looks chic with any kind of outfit one chooses to wear.

 We’ve given you more than enough reasons to choose a lab created diamond for your engagement ring. Now it’s your turn to choose the better option and get your hands on these!

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